The owner of the gold shop offers 100,000 if you return 40 baht of gold.

May 24 – The owner of a gold shop gives 100,000 baht if anyone finds 40 baht of gold that was lost while delivering it to a gold shop in Yaowarat and returns it.

On the morning of May 22, Mrs. Pairin filed a report that she lost 40 baht of gold while delivering it to a gold shop in Yaowarat area.

Yesterday (23 May) Mr. Chaiphon, the gold owner, gave a statement to investigators at Bang Yi Khan Police Station before opening up to the news team that He has been selling gold to gold shops for nearly 30 years, while Mrs. Pairin has known him for more than 10 years. Mrs. Pairin is an employee of a gold shop that they do business with. Therefore, there is good trust in each other. Throughout the past, he had been paying respects to Mrs. Pairin to deliver gold to shops for many years. Each time will have a different weight. The highest time was more than 100 baht. That time there was no problem. After the incident, he had a chance to talk with Mrs. Pairin. which confirmed that the gold was not taken He said that
if there is something, please tell us directly. truth is truth He looked at her appearance and did not find that Mrs. Phairin was suspicious at all. If anyone finds it and returns it, they will receive a reward of 100,000 baht. But if the police go and make an arrest, it will be dealt with according to the law. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Police conduct searches at 35 locations, expanding results to seize assets of international drug trafficking network “New Logistics”

Narcotics suppression police carried out searches at 35 points in 10 provinces, expanding the results of seizing more than 2,000 million baht of assets from the international drug trafficking network “Mai Logistics”.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Samran Nuanma, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police presided over the press conference The results of the operation plan to hunt down 100 networks said that the Police Division Narcotics Suppression 2 has expanded results from the arrest of the transnational drug trafficking network “New Logistics” in 2023, which was involved in smuggling more than 1,096 boxes of methamphetamine via couriers, which is the most ever. Arrest in Thailand The participants in the movement opened a delivery company in Sailom Joy Market, Mae Sai District, to receive drugs that the leader of the movement had imported from Myanmar. and has a former police officer Immigration officials coordinate with a private courier company, Mae Sai branch, to deliver drugs to the inner city. The network had m
ore than 2.2 billion baht in circulating funds in 15 related accounts before converting the money into real estate and other assets. By allowing relatives to be the owners, and most recently, on 1-21 May 2024, police from the 2nd Narcotics Crime Suppression Division cordoned off and searched 35 areas in 8 provinces in the northern, northeastern, Bangkok and surrounding areas. To seize assets obtained from drug crimes, such as title deeds to 55 plots of land, 18 buildings, 16 cars and motorcycles, 2 firearms and electrical appliances from an electrical appliance store used by the network. Money laundering, totaling 3,097 items, worth more than 2,034 million baht

Pol. Lt. Gen. Kirisak Tantiniyawachai, commander of the Narcotics Suppression Police, said that for the said logistics company From the inspection, it was found that it had been open for many years. and the owner has been called in for questioning Initially denied involvement. and cooperate in checking information very well But officials will continue
to expand the results of their in-depth investigation.

In addition, on May 13th Police from Subdistrict 3, Narcotics Suppression Division 2, expanded their results by arresting two suspects who transported more than 100 kg of ice and ketamine in Chaiyaphum Province on May 10 until they were able to arrest them. Mr. Thaweesak and Miss Marisa The accused accepted a shipment of drugs from Nakhon Phanom Province and stayed at a house in Roi Et Province. to prepare for delivery in the central region The officials can They searched and seized 12 bags of amphetamines in the said house, totaling 5,200,000 tablets, and took them to be prosecuted according to law.

Source: Thai News Agency

Found more! Diving to search for “weapons of war” in reservoirs

Udon Thani Police coordinate with rescue teams to find explosives. Shocked! M-16 ammunition found At the Nong Samrong Reservoir water gate, Udon Thani Province.

In the case of yesterday (23 May), construction workers invited each other to cast fishing nets in front of the flood gate. Nong Samrong Reservoir Near the Royal Irrigation Office No. 5, Ban Moo Mon, Moo Mon Subdistrict, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province, but received a weapon of war that exploded and killed. Therefore, he immediately informed the bomb disposal officials to come and investigate. Initially, it is not a weapon used in government service. It is assumed that someone left it behind.

Today, Udon Thani Provincial Police Bomb Disposal Unit Udon Thani forensics officer Rescue volunteer at Udon Sawang Methadham Foundation Travel to the area again and block off an area to search for more which is expected to remain underwater Volunteer rescuers in diving suits went down to the lake in turns, 4 people at a time, and found 4 short magazines
for an M16 rifle, full magazines of ammunition. The butt of an M16 rifle, a grenade launcher with one shot from the barrel, which the officers will carry all Send officials to investigate further.

Mr. Wisanu, 32 years old, diving officer. Tells of a mission to search for underwater weapons of war. There were 12 people traveling, with 4 men walking in front of the search board. If in doubt at any point, they would have a diver dive down to search. The first set got magazines, 3 M16 guns, and an M16 buttstock. This mission was very difficult but there were no obstacles. Underwater there are rocks and shellfish fragments. Can’t distinguish what it is Walking and stepping on a snail, I thought it had exploded completely. Must have a diver go down to see. Didn’t dare move too hard for fear of danger. who had never performed a risky mission like this before .

Source: Thai News Agency

Caught a fraudulent network selling Thai Airways promotions Deceived into installing money-sucking apps

Bangkok: Cyber police arrest a network that scammed Thai Airways promotions. Fraudulently installing apps Sucked almost 1.2 million baht into victims’ accounts.

Due to the fact that on January 30, 2024, the victim had plans to travel to Canada. So he went to the internet and searched for Thai Airways tickets using his mobile phone. Later, the victim found an advertisement for a Thai Airways discount ticket promotion. So he clicked to go to the said website page. (Fake website) where the system asks you to add Line to apply for the said promotion. The LINE account was called “Thai Airway.” Later, the fraudster called the victim via LINE and informed him that There is 1 free round-trip ticket per person and the number is limited to only 100 rights. If you want this promotion, you must install the app. and apply for membership

The victim believed Scammers then send a link to install a fake Thai Airways app. Have the victim install and enter personal information such as national ID card number. Telephone number
and set an app password and verify yourself by filling in the information as the criminal tells you. and had the victim scan his face 2 times, without the victim being suspicious because he understood that he was talking to an airline employee

After completing the steps The fraudsters told us to wait to receive the membership card at the address provided. The victim then closed the app. and worked as usual. Later, around 11:00 p.m., the victim picked up the phone to look at it. It was found that money had been transferred out of the account 2 times, totaling 1,191,971 baht. The victim then realized that he had been deceived by a scammer. Therefore, he later reported the matter to the investigating officer.

Later, Police Lieutenant General Worawat Wattanakornbancha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, has ordered Pol. Maj. Gen. Sathit Prom-uthai, commander of the 3rd Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, is rushing to investigate the case. To alleviate suffering for the people Until they were
able to issue arrest warrants for many people involved. Until police officers from Division 4, S.T.S. Division 3 brought in forces to arrest two participants in the movement, namely Ms. Phonpilai, 35 years old, arrested at a house in the area of Village No. 3, Tha Pho Si Subdistrict, Det Udom District. Ubon Ratchathani Province and Mr. Somkid, 51 years old, arrested at a house in the area of Village No. 8, Thonglang Subdistrict, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok Province, for the crime of ‘Join together to steal using tricks, jointly introduce into the computer system computer data that is distorted or fake, whether in whole or in part, or computer data that is false in a way that is likely to cause damage to others or the public, and Prevent access to computer systems that have specific measures to prevent access and those measures are not intended for them.’ They were taken to the investigating officers of Subdistrict 4, Subdivision 3, for further legal action

Source: Thai News Agency

Villagers fear the fire will repeat itself. Request to expedite the transport of chemicals

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Villagers in Uthai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. People rose up and put up signs saying “Take it out, no chemicals needed”, fearing a repeat of the fire. The province promises to gradually transport 2,000 tons of chemical waste at the beginning of next month.

At the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya City Hall, Mr. Suthinat Kongsomthong, village headman of Sam Bundit Subdistrict, along with more than 30 villagers, submitted a letter to Mr. Niwat Rungsakhon, the governor of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Speed up the process of moving the chemical waste from the center. Address in the area

Sam Bundit sub-district headman revealed that the warehouse was storing seized chemicals. Located in the middle of the village Sam Bundit Subdistrict, Uthai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province which is centralized by the Department of Industry More than 2,000 tons were seized, causing nearby villagers to Afraid of being unsafe and afraid of a repeat of the fire incident. On April
27th, a fire broke out and affected the surrounding people.

Mr. Teera Kaewpimon, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Industry Minister, revealed that recently the Minister of Industry Ordered to expedite the moving process. Chemical waste has been urgently removed from the area. By giving various agencies Evaluate and plan by May 30 and be able to proceed from June 1 onwards. The industry in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province We have continued to monitor the situation and will inform the public in the future. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Pol. Gen. Kitirat” visited to give encouragement. Policeman injured in unrest

Narathiwat, May 24 – “Pol. Gen. Kitirath” visited to support EOD policemen who were injured while inspecting the area where criminals planted bombs and snipers in the area of Sukhirin District, Narathiwat Province, confirmed. Full help and relief

Today (24 May) at 11:00 a.m. Pol. Gen. Kitirat Phanphet, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. Acting Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police Commander) along with Pol. Lt. Gen. Thatchai Pitanilabutr, Assistant Police Commander, traveling. go visit Petty Officer 1st Class Worawit Naratta, 35 years old, Group Commander, Special Operations Division Narathiwat Province At Songkhla Nakarin Hospital, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, with Pol. Lt. Gen. Piyawat Chalermsri, Commander of Provincial Police Region 9, Pol. Maj. Gen. Chaowalit Liangsupong, Provincial Police Commander. Songkhla, Pol. Maj. Gen. Chumpol Saksurimongkol, Commander-in-Chief of the Provincial Administrative Organization, joins the group.

gt.Sgt. Worawit Injured from an incident on May 20 at approximately 1:55 p.m., Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Detection Team or EOD officers, Narathiwat Provincial Forensics Officer. Along with police officers from Sukhirin Police Station and officers from 3 departments, they joined to inspect the scene. In the case of a criminal secretly planting a bomb and ambushing an official Gear Subdistrict Protection Officer Teacher safety kit On the side of the road along the Gear-Sakor route, Village No. 2, Gear Subdistrict, Sukirin District, Narathiwat Province, which Sgt. Sgt. Worawit He stepped on an explosive device that was secretly planted by the criminal. until another explosion occurred As a result, he was seriously injured, with two legs broken. Officials took him to Sukirin Hospital, Narathiwat Province, for treatment. and forwarded to Songkhla Nakarin Hospital, Songkhla Province

Police General Kittirat We talked with each other to encourage and thank him for performing his duties with strength. Ready to
provide baskets and financial aid to Sgt. Worawit and confirmed that he will take full care of the welfare and benefits.

Source: Thai News Agency

Meteorological Department warns Thailand of heavy rain in some places – Bangkok thunderstorms 70%

Bangkok: May 24 – The Meteorological Department warns that Thailand will experience heavy rain in some places. People in the area are asked to be careful of the dangers of heavy rain. As for Bangkok and the surrounding area, there will be thunderstorms in 70% of the area and heavy rain in some places.

Meteorological Department weather forecast for the next 24 hours. The southwest monsoon that blows over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand is quite strong, along with a low pressure area covering the central region. and the Gulf of Tonkin This characteristic causes heavy rain in some places in Thailand. Ask the people in the said area Be careful of the dangers of heavy rain and accumulated rain. May cause flash floods and flash floods. Especially mountain slopes, near waterways and low-lying areas. Including increasing caution when traveling through areas with thunderstorms.

As for the wind waves in the Andaman Sea, they are quite strong. The upper Andaman Sea has waves 2-3 meters high in areas
with thunderstorms. Waves are more than 3 meters high. In the lower Andaman Sea, there are waves 1-2 meters high in areas with thunderstorms. Waves are more than 2 meters high. The Gulf of Thailand has waves about 1 meter high. Waves are 1-2 meters high off shore in areas with thunderstorms. The waves are more than 2 meters high. Boaters in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are asked to Navigate with caution. And avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms. Boaters in the upper Andaman Sea Should refrain from leaving the coast during 24-26 May 2024.

Incidentally, the strong low pressure area in the lower Bay of Bengal is likely to strengthen into a depression during 24-25 May 2024 and is expected to move ashore in the northeastern part of India. and Bangladesh during 25-26 May 2024

Bangkok and surrounding areas have thunderstorms in 70 percent of the area and heavy rain in some places. Lowest temperature 26-27 degrees Celsius, highest temperature 33-35 degrees Celsius

Source: Thai News Agency

Travel to Phetchabun Abundant happiness

Phetchabun, a province rich in beautiful tourist attractions. Rich with people’s happiness World Heritage Site of Civilization And there is also the original delicious Wichian grilled chicken. This trip, we will take everyone to experience smiles and perfection. And relax and receive good stories together .

Source: Thai News Agency

“Dr. Rongthong” applied for Senate on the last day in Lak Si District.

Lak Si District, “Doctor Rongthong” can apply for Senate on the last day in Lak Si District. Revealed that he wants people to apply to choose good people.

The atmosphere of applying for Senate membership (Senate) on the last day at the Lak Si District Office at 9:15 a.m. Maj. Gen. Dr. Rongthong Naenna, Director of Mongkutwattana Hospital. Have come to apply Senator before briefly revealing that he wants many to apply. If you want to choose good people, you must apply. The application process is easy and not complicated. Personally, I intended to apply on the last day. Along with apologizing to the media for being unable to say otherwise. Because it may violate the regulations of the Election Commission.

Ms. Suphacha Uwong, head of the Lak Si District Administration Department The district election director said that over the past 4 days, Senate candidates have been gradually coming to submit applications, with today being the last day to apply. I don’t know yet whether there will be many applicants or not.
But a place has already been prepared to accommodate it. And currently there are no complaints about wrongdoing. As for the problem, there was only the first day that the Ministry of Interior’s registration system crashed. and some applicants do not have complete documents

Previously, Maj. Gen. Dr. Rongthong Posted on Facebook stating, ‘Tomorrow, 24 May 2024, I will apply to be a candidate. Lak Si District Senator In order to select other Senate candidates who are good people, have knowledge and ability. To serve in the Senate If I don’t apply to be a Senate candidate, good people with knowledge and abilities apply. The Senate will lack voters. At least 1 vote from me may help other Senate candidates who are good people, have knowledge and ability to serve in the Senate.’

While at 8:30 a.m. today, Sam Phran District Office Police General Sriwara Rangsipramanakul, former Deputy Police Commander (Security) and former Advisor to the Prime Minister Have come to apply Member of the Senate (Senator), which Pol. G
en. Sriwara will run for Senate in the field of security. For the reason for applying at Sam Phran District Relying on the laws and regulations of the Election Commission (EC) that applicants must have studied in the area for at least 2 years, which Pol. Gen. Sriwara Used to study at the Samphran Police Cadet Academy (Class 35)

while Police General Sriwara Arriving with the team, we walked to pay our respects to the royal portrait of King Rama X. After that, we walked to pay our respects to the Brahma Shrine. Sam Phran District After that, walk up to the application room, which is on the 3rd floor of the Sam Phran District Office, where officials will open applications and show documents to officials. The Election Commission is ready to write application forms and return

Source: Thai News Agency