Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2017 in Nakhon Ratchasima

Gallery 1: The picturesque pink Cosmos field, a giant pumpkin patch and other colourful flower fields are the major draws at the seasonal Jim Thompson Farm Tour

Gallery 2: The Isan Village and the Jim Village feature activities that reflect

Sunflower fields of Rai Manesorn in Nakhon Ratchasima

Gallery 1: Rai Manesorn boasts vast golden fields of sunflowers and sun hemps, covering some 700 rai (about 1.12 million sq.m.). There are two sunflower fields, spanning about 400 rai.

Gallery 2: The two fields of sun hemps, about 300

Thai Court Agrees to Hear Experts in Academic’s Case

A Thai military court on Thursday delayed a decision on whether to prosecute a prominent historian and social critic who suggested that a famed duel on elephant-back won by a Thai king against a Burmese prince 500 years ago may …