Student activists asked to be patient over their demands

Thailand’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Woravuth Silpa-archa, has urged student activists to be patient, pointing out that not all their demands can be met at once. Student activist groups, from across the country, have been demanding the dissolution of Parliament, a new Constitution and an end to Government harassment of anti-government activists. The Minister […]

Twitter, TikTok discuss potential combination

Twitter is in preliminary discussions for a possible combination with TikTok, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, after US President Donald Trump said he would ban the app, calling it a threat to national security. Trump declared Thursday that the popular Chinese video app TikTok and social network WeChat “threaten the national security, foreign policy, and […]

Masks in class? Many questions as Germans go back to school

Masks during class, masks only in the halls, no masks at all. Distance when possible, no distance within same-grade groups, no distance at all. As Germany’s 16 states start sending millions of children back to school in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic, the country’s famous sense of “Ordnung” has given way to uncertainty, […]

Student protests in Chiang Mai, Phitsanuloke and Maha Sarakham provinces

Anti-government protests were held today by pro-democracy groups in Thailand’s northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Phitsanuloke and the northeastern province of Maha Sarakham. The protesters repeated their demands for the dissolution of Parliament, a new Constitution and an end to perceived harassment of political activists by officials. In Chiang Mai, the protesters rallied at […]