Sanam Luang access closed with cargo containers to block protesters

Police have blocked access to Sanam Luang with cargo containers and razor-wire to prevent ReDem Restart Democracy (ReDem) protesters, a youth wing of the anti-establishment Ratsadon group, from entering the area to stage a protest on Saturday afternoon. The ReDem group, otherwise known as “Free Youth”, urged its followers, via social media, to gather at […]

Thai police raid Fah Diew Kan printing house, seize books about the monarchy

Armed with a search warrant, issued by the Nonthaburi provincial court, Special Branch and Rattanathibet police have raided the anti-establishment Fah Diew Kan printing house and seized many copies of a book called “The Monarchy and Thai Society”, which police claim were intended for distribution to protesters at Sanam Luang on Saturday evening. The book […]

Thai police use water cannons and tear gas against protesters in Bangkok

Police fired water cannons at anti-establishment protesters this evening (Saturday), after they broke through a barricade of cargo containers and razor-wire at Sanam Luang in Bangkok. Police repeatedly warned the protesters that they could face arrest if they continue to try to break into Sanam Luang, where anti-riot police had formed a human barricade. Protesters […]