Sunken ‘ghost ship’ could haunt Gulf fish

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The Bangkok Post

The week began promisingly with the discovery of a mystery “ghost ship” drifting in the Gulf of Thailand with no crew, cargo or documents aboard — not even any defiant rodents. First spotted by Chevron oil-rig workers, the dilapidated Fin Shui Yuan 2, appeared to be a freighter of Chinese origin. Unfortunately, the vessel sunk in rough seas off the Nakhon Sri Thammarat coast while being towed towards land by the Thai Navy. For a fleeting moment it looked like Thailand might have its own version of the Mary Celeste which was found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean off the Azores back in 1872. Ala… Read more about Sunken ‘ghost ship’ could haunt Gulf fish

Taxing cryptocurrency trading – an uncharted course

The digital assets industry is up in arms over the Revenue Department’s plan to levy tax on capital gains or benefits derived from cryptocurrencies and other digital asset transactions.With the two parties being at loggerheads, consultations have begun…