Latest CBDC Recommendations From the BIS, IMF, World Bank, US Treasury & Bank of Japan Mirror the Existing Structuring & Functionality of’s Fully-Operational TUVs

WM’s TUVs are full Digital Currency and CBDC equivalents Existing Capacities & Functionality of Global Telco’s fully-operational TUV Digital Currency + CBDC equivalent mirrors all CBDC Requirements identified by the world’s foremost Macroeconomic & Financial Organizations. Indicates that potential worldwide adoption of the WM TUVs and Global Clearing System by Central Banks and other […]

Philips’ performance impacted by headwinds; order book strength and improving component supplies expected to deliver growth and profitability improvement from second half of 2022 onwards

July 25, 2022 Highlights Group sales amounted to EUR 4.2 billion, with a 7% comparable sales decline mainly caused by continued supply shortages and prolonged lockdowns in China, on the back of 9% comparable sales growth in Q2 2021 Order book remains strong; comparable order intake increased 1% and includes a 5 percentage-points negative impact […]