Thailand’s gun control remains problematic

The recent mass shooting in Nong Bua Lam Phu province was the deadliest in Thailand’s history. The tragedy revealed even more shocking statistics, particularly the country’s high ranking for gun violence and possession. It also restarted the conversation on gun laws.   Gun violence trend   Thailand is currently ranked 15th among countries with the […]

For many, Thailand’s UN vote on Russia still a puzzle

Thailand’s abstention on a UN vote last week to condemn Russia for its annexation of eastern regions of Ukraine week is still a puzzle and has prompted criticisms from leading foreign policy experts who question the reason behind the decision.   But the move was also praised by many social media users who believe Thailand […]

Loss of water retention areas worsens flood situation in Ubon Ratchathani

The loss of natural water retention areas, through a lack of proper urban planning, is being blamed for the unusually serious flooding in the north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani this year.   In Nong Kin Phen sub-district, one of the 16 sub-districts in Warin Chamrap district, all four villages have been under 2 to 4 […]