Hong Kong Emigres Seek Milk Tea in Craving for Taste of Home

HONG KONG — In London, Wong Wai-yi misses the taste of home.   A year ago, the 31-year-old musician was in Hong Kong, earning a good living composing for TV and movies and teaching piano. Today, she makes about half as much money in London working part-time as a server alongside her musical pursuits. She […]

Huge COVID protests erupt in China’s Xinjiang after deadly fire

Rare protests broke out in China’s far western Xinjiang region, with crowds shouting at hazmat-suited guards after a deadly fire triggered anger over their prolonged COVID-19 lockdown as nationwide infections set another record.   Crowds chanted “End the lockdown!”, pumping their fists in the air as they walked down a street, according to videos circulated […]

Court orders SBN to stop showing World Cup via AIS Playbox service

Thailand’s Central Intellectual Property Court has ordered Super Broadband Network (SBN) to cease streaming World Cup 2022 football matches via its AIS Playbox service, on the grounds that it infringes upon the broadcast rights of True Corporation.   True Corporation claims that it is the only broadcaster in Thailand which has the right to show […]