6 Senses of Thailand

By Svetlafly

A new journey and a new emotion

Today I will tell you a story about my fam trip in “country of smiles”. This experience around northern provinces of Thailand (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) has happen thanks to competition from TAT Newsroom Blogger campaign. So participants had to share a photo or a lifestory which fully describe a charming of Thailand. I have chosen photo with my aerial silk experience on Koh Samui. I didn’t believe that I am a winner until I sit in airplane to Bangkok.  And let’s start travelling through 6 senses of Thailand…

Sense #1. Eyesight

  1. Scenery inside the airplane

The first sense to any traveller is eyesight. It meets us from the plane and always takes an effect before plane landed. In that moment you start to imagine that should be expected from the journey. Here is an amazing photos from the top.

  1. Flowers are everywhere

Even in airport you feel like in a tropical garden. That impression was made by flowers everywhere. It is concerned not only flowers inscribed within the landscape, but much more indoor design.

Thai masters of floristry really are experts in of floral compositions. In the province of Chiang Mai, flowers are all around: no place without flowers: in restaurant near river, lobby in hotels. Moreover here exists special blue eatable flower. It has produced blue drink called nam dok anchan.

  1. The Clock Tower

Amazing evening view of the light & sound show by the Clock Tower built to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit of Thailand. The clock was designed by national artist Chalermchai Kositpipat who oversaw its construction work. It is considered the most exquisite Clock Tower in Thailand.

It not just see-sighting it’s a pleasure for hearing.

Sense #2. Hearing

  1. Barefoot ensemble in airport

Hearing is a second feeling which I would like to share with you. All sound inhere have sincere warmth for me. Upon landing at Chiang Rai Airport, we were welcomed by barefoot girls playing traditional instruments. I am unfamiliar with different musical instruments they have played. But it was good to hearing set of sound.

  1. Thai man singing

A person whose singing was a surprise for me as it has a contrast between his appearance and voice. It impressed me very much it touched my heart strings.

  1. Sound of tropical rain

In the most ordinary things is the most beauty. The top of hearing feeling for me — tropical rain! It didn’t happen to me in my first journey to Thailand and I was glad to listen and feel warmth of it. Noise of rain is very pleasant but tropical rain getting you completely wet in a minute. Absolutely different experience in St. Petersburg is long-term cold drizzle as usual weather.

Sense #3. Touch

  1. Waterpool

I talked about sense of touch above. The rain and its warmth. Water in Thailand as a gift to all. I felt this feeling thought all trip when suddenly water is finished or you wait for hotel where pool brings salvation from the hot weather. Chiang Mai with gardenia flowers inside was like from the best magazine cover.  The thing is it was the hottest day and saving water in a pool was gentle and refreshing.

  1. Feel respect from floor

In Thailand if you want to be respectful, you should take your shoes off before you come in a house, in a temple. That small gesture is a high respect to national values and historical figures. When we visited Doi Tung Royal Villa, which commemorates the Late Princess Mother, I was filled the sense of respect to Thai traditions. I felt myself more sensitive and open for understanding without shoes. It was new strange discovery for me.

  1. Foot and fire

Thai massage — must be in all travellers lists “have to do”. Especially if massage was administered by foot and fire, the unique technique in local village Ban Rai Kong Khing.

Sense #4. Hear The Smell

  1. Lime

We were welcomed with lime in pandan leaves. Lime smell and taste are my favorite in any refreshments or desserts.

  1. Tea leaves smell

I was not interested how tea is grown until I saw it. And to my disappointment tea leaves had no smell relation to the tea we drink.

  1. Thai balm

My favourite smell of Thailand is a Thai balm in any variation. I love it! Every time I used it and smell I mentally transported to Thailand.

Sense #5. Taste

  1. Soups

What I love about Thai soups is a variety of flavours in one dish: sour, sweet, spicy and salty, which is very typical for Thai cuisine.

  1. Some special dishes

The restaurant Cuisine de garden caught my attention by the thing I couldn’t understand what a dish in front of me and how it tastes. Although I often can define taste of my meal just by looking at it.

  1. Macadamia ice coffee!

It’s a delicious who know what I ‘m talking about.

#6 Sixth Sense

  1. Baan Dam Museum

 The picture was revealed to me the principles of Buddhism in a new way.

  1. Wat Rong Khun

Temple where I believed in heaven and hell

  1. My Adventures in Wonderland

Great meaning of mother nature in Thailand. It take place in mentality of people. They respect rules of nature not trying to take more than they need.

See my original posts with VDOs and more photos here: http://svetlafly.ru/2016/09/21/6-senses-of-thailand/

Svetlana Makarevich
A winner in the Photo Blog category of the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2016. Her picture “Flight over the sea (my aerial silk exercise)” received 3,683 likes from voters who signed in to vote during the campaign period from 16 June – 31 July 2016.

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