Advances in the implementation of the regional education integration plan of the Ministry of Education

Gen. Surachet Chaiwong, Deputy Minister of Education Presided over the meeting of the Committee on the Implementation of the Integrated Education Level Plan Of the Ministry of Education No. 1/2562

Gen. Surachet Chaiwong, Deputy Minister of Education Presided over the meeting of the Committee on the Implementation of the Integrated Education Level Plan Of the Ministry of Education No. 1/2562 on Wednesday 30 January 2019 with Gen. Suthat Kanchananonkun Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Karun Sakulpradit, Permanent Secretary for Education And the executive of the Ministry of Education Attending the meeting at Rajawanl Meeting Room Ministry of Education With the following summary

Approve the integration of regional level management of the government.

The Ministry of Education has organized a meeting to exchange views and formulate guidelines for integrating regional management in 6 sectors, both in terms of management. Strategic planning, implementation and monitoring Which divides the integration of education in the region as follows

Education Division (SRT), Central Region (Pathumthani Province), consisting of Phor. 1 Lop Buri, Phor. 2 Pathumthani, Sor.Por. 3, Ratchaburi and Phor. 4 Samut Songkhram

Southern Education Division (Nakhon Si Thammarat Province) consists of 5 schools in Nakhon Si Thammarat. (Southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand) and Phor. 6 Phuket (Southern Andaman coast)

Southern Border Education Division (Yala Province) consists of 7 schools in Yala province, along with a coordination center and educational administration in the southern border provinces.

Education in the Eastern Region (Chonburi Province), consisting of the Office of the Civil Service Commission, Chonburi 8 and the Royal Patronage 9, Prachinburi

Department of Education The North East (Udon Thani Province) consists of Phor. 10, Udonthani, Phor. 11, Sakon Nakhon, Ph.D. 12 Khon Kaen, Phor. 13, Nakhon Ratchasima and Phor. 14 Ubon Ratchathani.

Northern Region Education Commission (Chiang Mai Province) consists of the 15th Ph.D. Chiang Mai, Sor Por 16, Chiang Rai, Phor. 17 Phitsanulok and Pho Phor 18 Nakhon Sawan

Approve the guidelines for the implementation of quality schools in the district

The meeting agreed in principle. For each sector to participate in driving the project of quality schools in the district Whose goal is “to be accepted by the community Focus on people to have work. Emphasizing participation ” is a school that has academic strength Develop learners to have morality, ethics, occupation and strong health Ready to provide educational services to students and communities That will allow students in the district to gain access to quality education Reduce educational disparity Solving economic and social inequalities As well as promoting participation between schools, communities and other agencies

For guidelines for selecting quality schools in the district There are several criteria, such as being a school under the Office of Primary Education Area that is ready to participate in development, having enough space for learning management. And support the increasing number of students in the future, located in a community centered area With convenient communication and communication, suitable and conducive to the development of schools to achieve the objectives, being accepted and having good relations with local government organizations and communities, is a school that local government organizations and communities are willing to Cooperation and continuous improvement of educational quality Including promoting participation from all sectors

In addition, the quality of the school district selection committee has been set up in 3 levels : the district quality school selection committee, district level, district level and provincial level. Which currently selects 7,100 schools

For past operations Has signed a memorandum of cooperation “Quality School District Project” (1 Tambon 1 Quality School) on 21 January 2019 between the Ministry of Education By the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) with the Ministry of Interior Digital Ministry for Economy and Society Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment And the Ministry of Energy Including a workshop for the Director of the Office of Educational Service Area, the Quality School District Project, a workshop to create guidelines for the district quality schools, workshops, supervisors and those responsible for the project of the quality school district And there will be 10 workshops for the school director in the district quality school project.

The scout rally in the southern border provinces

The Royal Thai Embassy will hold a scout rally in the southern border provinces. In Songkhla Province After the coronation To honor the King Maha Chirakon Bintornthep Thep Yuangrang By inviting the Office of Education in other regions to discuss and consider organizing scout rallies together with inviting scouts from neighboring countries to join

Source: Royal Thai Government

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