Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea paid a courtesy call on Air Chief Marshal Prajin Chan Tong, Deputy Prime Minister. On the occasion of taking office

Today (15 February 2019) at 11.30 hrs. Mr. Kim Kim Bong, Ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to Thailand Paid a courtesy call on Air Chief Marshal Prajin Chan Tong, Deputy Prime Minister On the occasion of taking office at Command Building 1, Command Building 1, Government House. The following summary

OTOP University of Korea Thank you to the Deputy Prime Minister for taking the time to meet. Today’s discussions aim to strengthen relations and develop cooperation between each other. The two sides established diplomatic relations since 1975. This year marks the 44th year, with the Deputy Prime Minister reiterating that Thailand has always had a strong desire for Korea. And ready to cooperate with OTT Korea in strengthening the relationship further

In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister congratulated the positive development on the Korean peninsula over the past year. And convinced that the summit between US leaders With the 2nd Korean Republican leader in Vietnam at the end of this month will achieve concrete results Lead to peace Stability and stability To the Korean Peninsula The Korean People’s Republic of Korea said that Kim Jong-un, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is focused on building cooperation from all parties involved. To allow the Korean peninsula to be completely and permanently free of nuclear weapons

OTOP University of Korea Showing appreciation for Thailand’s leading role in ASEAN And ready to support Thailand in the position of ASEAN Chairman this year The Korean PDR Will continue to continue bilateral relations with Thailand and ASEAN Under the existing cooperation framework Especially at the ARF meeting in Korea

This opportunity, the Royal Thai Embassy in Korea has raised issues regarding the suspension of renewal of work permits for Korean people working in Thailand. And requesting rice donations from Thailand to help the people of the PDR Korea, where the Deputy Prime Minister acknowledges concerns And assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take further consideration with relevant agencies

Before the end of the conversation, both sides confirmed their readiness to work closely together. To drive relationships and cooperation in various areas Between each other for the benefit of the people of both countries

Source: Royal Thai Government

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