Angry for Songkran, 7 shots fired, 1 dead in front of a liquor store, 2 seriously injured.

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Mueang Khon is hot for Songkran. Shooting in front of a liquor store, 1 person dead, 2 seriously injured, jumping to avoid bullets scattering throughout the store. Police are about to issue a warrant for the arrest of the shooter. The initial cause found that both sides had had conflicts with each other before.

CCTV footage from the storefront on the opposite side shows the sound of seven gunshots, and also clearly captures the pickup truck and motorcycle used to escape. After the incident, there were people shooting in front of the restaurant. Phatthanakorn Kru Khwang Road, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Which has just been open for about a month. At the scene, 3 injured people were found in serious condition. Rescue workers rushed to take them to the hospital.

After the incident, it was found that the table Chairs fell everywhere. The names of the three injured people are known: Mr. Sayan, age 43, was shot in the abdomen, Mr. Chaiwut, age 54, was
shot in the chest, and Mr. Kongkiat, age 44, was shot in the head. Mr. Kongkiat later died while being taken to the hospital. The other two injured people are in serious condition and are still in the ICU.

From the preliminary investigation, the shop owner stated that The injured person and the person causing the crime are the parties. There used to be conflicts that hurt each other. Before the incident, both parties were drinking and eating inside the restaurant. As for the perpetrators, there are three men, the names of which are known, one of them is Mr. Apidej, age 23, the shooter, and the other two have the nickname “Marn”. Before the incident, both sides had been drinking until they were drunk. Before there was a fight and a fight in the store. due to drunkenness Moreover, both parties flirted with a female employee in the same store. In the end, Mr. Apidech used a gun to shoot all three people who were drinking and eating at a table in front of the store, 7 times, before driving away in a car.

investigator Muang Nakhon Si Thammarat Police Station Collect evidence and present it to the court to approve an arrest warrant for Mr. Apidej, age 23, the shooter, and police are rushing to track down the three perpetrators to prosecute.

Source: Thai News Agency