“Anutin” asks for “Ekkaphop” to be a member of the House of Representatives

Bangkok, March 29 – "Anutin" led a speech to help "Universe" campaign, shouting that he never looked at him as an enemy. Thank you for enlightening the eyes admiring having a public mind like being a fortune teller wearing the same shirt Ready to ask f...

Bangkok, March 29 – “Anutin” led a speech to help “Universe” campaign, shouting that he never looked at him as an enemy. Thank you for enlightening the eyes admiring having a public mind like being a fortune teller wearing the same shirt Ready to ask for a chance for “Ekkaphop” to become an MP, pointing out that “Saimai-Bangkok-Country” must survive-must be rich, hoping that “Putthipong” will help give birth to 10 twins in the Bangkok area.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health As leader of Bhumjaithai Party (Pt.) along with Mr. Sora-at Klinprathum, Chairman of the Party Advisory Committee and Mr. Putthipong Punnakanta, head of the Bangkok team, organized a campaign speech At the auditorium of Rittiya Wannalai 2 School to help Mr. Ekapop noble yellow that candidates for MPs, Bangkok, Sai Mai District (except Or Ngoen Subdistrict) campaign and meet with the Sai Mai people

Mr. Puttipong gave a speech at one point that This district has been reserved since the rooster booed. He was the one who approached Mr. Ekkapop. came to work with the Bhumjaithai Party When he arrived, he broke the master’s pen. Because I met Mr. Ekkaphop during COVID-19, always on TV from the Saimai page must survive That day he did it with volunteer spirit. want to help people At first it was only in the Sai Mai district. But it appears that he helped and helped other districts. and help people across the country, not just Bangkok. national level Because helping people Which he was confident that he was a worker who had a work performance. The important problem of the Sai Mai District was that there was only one government hospital, Bhumibol Hospital. which is not enough There should be more hospitals As for the bus, there is only one line. Today we know the problem and are ready to solve it. which if not confident in the policy that we can do it or have a budget If you can’t do that, you’ll definitely get stomped.

“I asked if there were other party leaders. Come to the Sai Mai district or not. and who said that he had slept Asked if the monk brought I would like to inform you that view from polls Haven’t started yet. Today, the pride of Thailand, the whole country, comes in second place. If the policy is good, the people are good, but there is no opportunity to become the government. We have to wait another 4 years, but today the poll says that we are in number 2 when the election is approaching, we will definitely overtake number 1 and will get Mr. Anutin. Definitely Prime Minister Today we haven’t started yet, we’re told that we’ve already got 70 MPs, so let the brothers and sisters choose us. and not choosing to go to the opposition Because otherwise, various policies for 3-4 years will not be successful, ”said Mr. Puttipong.

Mr. Puttipong also said that in this election in the southern region, the party will get 10 MPs or more because southerners see the progressive development work of Bhumjaithai Party.

while Mr. Sora-at In one of the speeches, Sai Mai District, some real parties did not post. take down the spare It has been confirmed that This district definitely belongs to a political party. But he must have forgotten that This district has a candidate named Universe. He believed that the people in this area wanted the universe to represent him. Leader of the Bhumjaithai Party Many of you may be wondering. What good is it to be Prime Minister? You try to compare everyone’s names. will find that no one can compare People nowadays have been doing this for a long time. Today, I would like to give the new generation like Mr. Anutin an opportunity to do some duty. Thailand has no time to test leaders. Because we’ve wasted a lot of time. which Mr. Anutin business success being able and have a decisive mind

Then Mr. Anutin said on stage at one of the speeches that The party has been working in the administration of the country for more than 10 years. We are not a new party. We work believing that people are a strong wall behind us. Therefore dare to declare that it is a talk and do party when gaining the trust of the people We can successfully push for every policy. All policies are simple. able to practice And every policy solves problems and directly benefits the people. Sai Mai District The party asked for a chance for brothers and sisters to elect Mr. Ekkaphop. has gone to work for all the people

“Me and Mr. Ekkapop never met before I work in the Ministry of Public Health. A subordinate came to tell me that Page Saimai must survive. The post says that I can’t work. abandon people If it had been someone else, he would have been angry and insulted, but Anuthin listened to them all. If we interfere But when the COVID-19 We can’t draw that line. What’s the rule? but during an emergency Public health must be involved. and then go and argue with him later if it’s anyone else Mr. Ekkaphop must be hit by Avatar, being hit by Io to compress the universe. Compressing Saimai must survive. and make excuses for the Ministry of Public Health But personally, when I read those messages I ordered to patrol. and expedite problem solving I see the universe pulling me, scolding me, I don’t see it as my enemy. But thank you for making my eyes light up. Like this, he called Bupphesannivas. I love the universe for being a public minded person,” Anutin said.

The leader of the Bhumjaithai Party went on to say that if a Bhumjaithai Party was chosen to enter a lot He will cause the universe-Anutin phenomenon. He doesn’t like quarrels without having a personal story before. Come and insult your father and mother. Fight first, reason later. That cannot happen. Today we can wear the same shirt. is a good trend When the universe has come Others can reconcile. People were relieved. The only way is to take a different step back. And appreciate the benefits of that person. We do not quarrel, do not conflict, but try to connect the relationship. Saimai must survive, Bangkok must survive, Thailand must survive. It’s not enough to survive alone, you have to be rich, you have to be healthy and you have to love each other too, ”said Anutin.

“I hope that Mr. Puttipong will give birth to twins 10 for the Bhumjaithai Party in Bangkok. and in addition to the proud Thai name Please be proud of Bangkok, ”said Anutin. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency