Australian surfer breaks 40-hour surf record

Sydney, March 17 – Blake Johnston, Australian. Breaking the world record for the longest time surfing for a total of 40 hours.


Johnston, a 40-year-old former professional surfer, wept with joy after he broke the record held by South African Josh Enslin of 30 hours 11 minutes. Johnston surfed back to shore in the afternoon. Friday Hundreds of supporters watched and cheered on Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia. He was able to raise more than A$200,000 for mental health and record-breaking commemorations on the 10th anniversary of his father’s death by suicide.


The report states that He surfed more than 700 waves in total in this record-breaking event. In a sea full of different species of sharks He completed more than 40 hours in total, but the official stats for how long are unknown. Following the rules of this marathon surf, Johnston can take breaks from the sea every now and then to cool down irritated eye drops and recharge with snacks and sunblock. There is also a team of doctors to check your heart rate and measure your blood pressure before surfing the next wave.


This isn’t the first time Johnston has tested his endurance. In 2020 he ran 100km along the Sydney coastline. In which he runs mostly barefoot on uneven road conditions.-Thai News Agency


Source: Thai News Agency