UK announces new post-Brexit global tariff regime

After decades outsourcing its trade policy to the EU, Britain is seeking free trade agreements with countries around the world and aims to have deals in place covering 80% of British trade by 2022. The new tariff regime, in place from January 2021, marks a departure from what some UK officials call an overly complex […]

Taiwan’s Tsai to Tread Cautiously on Cross-Strait Relations at Inauguration: Experts  

WASHINGTON – Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is set to be sworn in on Wednesday for her second term. Analysts say she is expected to “put down the markers” on Taiwanese sovereignty but not cross China’s red lines in her inaugural speech. Tsai and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) she represents won a landslide victory in January elections, which were widely seen as […]

Apple reopening 25 more U.S. stores, will soon top 100 worldwide

Apple Inc will this week reopen more than 25 of its branded stores in the United States, a company spokesman said on Sunday, continuing a gradual process that has unlocked doors at nearly a fifth of its worldwide retail outlets, Trend reports citing Reuters. The iPhone maker in March shut all its stores outside of […]