Banthoon questions govt’s subsidy programme for the poor

Kasikornbank chief executive officer Banthoon Lamsam has expressed doubt over the government’s subsidy programme for the poor if it will really help to bolster local economy.

Instead he said the programme should be short-lived and not linger on forever.

Although there was sign of economic recovery, the main question still persists: if the distribution of income is equal?

When income is not equally distributed, the poor will remain poor, while the rich will become richer. How can the government return happiness to the people when they are still poor and could not sell their crops?, he questioned.

Mr Banthoon said there is nothing wrong with a cash subsidy programme to resolve immediate problem but it should not be long-lived.

We can’t resort to such measure forever. The country needs better solutions, he said.

He said he wanted to see new cabinet ministers coming in with strong determination and wisdom to practically resolve the rooted problems.

Those coming in to stay in power and abuse power will only plunge the country into political chaos again, he said.

The new economic ministers who took oath on Thursday (Nov 29) have outlined farm prices, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) fundamental infrastructures, petroleum exploration as their priorties, and raising incomes for farmers.

Newly-appointed Energy Minister Siri Jirapongphan said the new round bidding for petroleum exploration would bring confidence of the country’s energy security to foreign investors.

For a plan to increase power supply in the South, where there is a protest against the coal-fired power plant in the Songkhla province, he said he needed time to study as it is a sensitive issue.

Agricultural and Cooperatives minister Grisda Boonrach began his work on Friday (Dec 1) along with his two deputies�Wiwat Salyakamthorn and Luck Wajananawat.

Mr Grisda said he had assigned Mr Luck to find markets for agricultural produces while Mr Wiwat will find means to increase agricultural produces based on the His Majesty the late King Bhumibol’s New Theory Agriculture.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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