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Vegetable Aphids Vegetable pests that many people may not know. Vegetable aphids Is it dangerous for consumers? ?And how can farmers prevent and take care of produce from vegetable aphids?

Center for sure before sharing fact check with Asst. Prof. Dr. Benjakhun Saengthongprao, Deputy Head of Entomology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University

What are the characteristics of vegetable aphids?

Aphids or vegetable aphids It is an insect with a small sucking mouth. water drop shape At the end of the body there are 2 tubes protruding, most of which are greyish green, light yellow or greenish yellow. It can reproduce quickly and give birth without mating.

The behavior of aphids will suck the sap from the plant in the rows under the leaves or young shoots. and that the aphids suck the sap from the plants This will cause the plant to stop growing, warp the leaves, and excrete the sticky liquid. came out contaminated with vegetable leaves as well and will be seen as a black stain The ants will always be a repellant to take the aphids to change the area to find new food.

How can farmers prevent vegetable aphids?

A simple preliminary solution without the use of chemicals is if a small number of aphids are found on the leaves. or part that can be cut off Let’s cut it off first. or may use biochemicals spray under the leaves It will be able to get rid of aphids.

Vegetable aphids are harmful to consumers or not ?

for consumers Vegetable aphids are harmless if cooked and can be eaten. but for those who do not want to consume insects If aphids are found in food dishes can be scooped out and consumed

Interview on March 3, 2023.

Fact check by: Peerapol Anutarasoth,

compiled by: Chayanit Phongsai.

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