Benz Racing and two associates formally charged in Criminal Court

The public prosecutor formally charged in the Criminal Court Mr Akkarakit Worarotecharoendet, alias Benz Racing, and two associates with abetting drug trafficking and money laundering.

The two other individuals charged were Mr Sansern Rasanont and Ms Angsuporn Oom E-na.

According to the charge sheet, the prosecutor alleged that the three individuals and two others, Natthapol Narkkham and Chaiwat Choosai, who were already charged in two separate cases, colluded in supporting the trafficking in methamphetamine hydrochloride and helping in the laundering of drug money for Natthapol.

Akkarakit opened an account with Kasikorn Bank’s Worachak branch while Sansern and Ms Angsuporn alsol opened separate accounts with the same bank to facilitate the laundering of money earned from drug trade.

The prosecutor alleged that during December 29, 2014 up to February 2017, about 11 million baht in cash were transferred into Akkarakit’s bank account in 53 transfers. Akkarakit wired some of the money he received into the account of Ms Napapa Pa Tantrakul, his wife, on several occasions and he also spent some of the money he receieved to buy expensive cars and motorcycles.

Akkarakit, Sansern and Ms Angsuporn are scheduled to meet at the court on May 29 to be queried by the sitting judges.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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