BMTA suspends the use of cash boxes in buses after technical problem

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority has suspended the installation of cash boxes on 1,800 public buses after it has found out that the cash boxes which were equipped in 800 buses for a trial run did not function properly.

An informed source said that Mr Natthachart Charuchinda, the board chairman of the city bus operator, had ordered a stop to the installation of the cash boxes in the remaining 1,800 buses.

As for the 800 buses which were already equipped with the boxes, the source said that BMTA would negotiate with the Ch Thavee Company, which was contracted to install the cash boxes and E-ticket system on 2,600 buses at a cost of 1,665 million baht to change the terms of the contract.

Technical problem has occurred with the cash boxes during the peak hours with the boxes appear to be unable to accommodate with too many coins during the peak hours.

The source pointed out that since spider tickets would be in use in the next two years allowing commuters to use just one E-ticket with all modes of mass transit system such as bus and train as well as tube, cash boxes would no longer be used by then.

It was reported that Transport Minister Pairin Chuchotethavorn had given a policy guideline to the BMTA management � that is before an open bid is to be staged by BMTA, it should invite interested bidders to conduct demonstrations so that the bus operator can make assessments of the bidder’s offers.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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