Broadcasting board may scrap CTH company’s operating license

The broadcasting board of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is to meet on Monday to consider whether it should revoke the operating license of CTH cable TV company whose operations were already suspended by the board for 30 days.

Ms Supinya Klangnarong, a member of the board, said over the weekend that the cable TV operators had not complied with the board’s order to refund its clients for the suspension of its services.

The company, she added, is yet to submit its report about the financial compensation for its clients and relevant information to the broadcasting board.

She said that this would be the first case that the board would revoke the license of a network service provider. She added that there are still 55 clients who have complained that they have not been refunded yet by CTH company.

The broadcasting board will also debate, in the same meeting, the content of the July 10 episode of the soap opera, titled Chao Phayu, which was alleged to contain violent scenes deemed violating the good moral of the people.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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