Cambodian Nationality Verification Targeted for Completion within 15 Days

The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General and spokesperson Mr. Ananchai Uthaipatanacheep gave a press briefing after Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul welcomed H.E. Mr. Hun Manet, vice chairman of the committee for legalizing Cambodian workers residing in Thailand and a committee of Cambodian diplomats to Thailand. The parties discussed the nationality verification process and steps for issuance of travel document to Cambodian workers. The Ministry of Labour emphasized support for entrance of migrant workers through MOU channels, to which 251,545 out of 683,652 Cambodian workers have entered through MOU systems, and a total of 432,107 workers have pink cards and are awaiting the citizenship verification process. A total of 46,278 Cambodian workers currently work in the fishing and seafood processing industry with permits due to expire on 1 November 2017; another 385,829 workers in general industries are due to have permits expire on 31 March 2018. If Cambodia is able to complete the nationality verification process and issue travel documents in order to workers to apply for the relevant visas, the workers will be permitted another 2 years to remain working in the kingdom.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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