Cash Handout and Co-Payment Schemes Amidst New Wave of COVID-19

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 19 January 2021, approved a new round of the cash handout scheme, known as “Rao Chana (We Win).” At the same meeting, it also approved a new phase of the co-payment scheme.

Both schemes aim to reduce the cost of living for the people affected by COVID-19 infections and ease financial burdens on them in this difficult time.

The new phase of the cash handout scheme covers mainly self-employed persons, farmers, and state welfare cardholders. About 31.1 million people will benefit from this 210.2-billion-baht cash handout scheme, under which each of them will be given 3,500 baht each month, from January to February 2021.

As for the co-payment scheme, the Government launched the first phase of the scheme in October 2020 and the second phase in December 2020. Altogether 15 million people have benefited from the first, second, and new phases of the scheme.

Under this scheme, the Government will subsidize half the cost of the people’s purchases for food, general products, and taxi services, excluding alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and lottery tickets. The total subsidy per person is capped at 3,500 baht. The subsidy will be transferred to consumers’ electronic wallets.

Both cash handout and co-payment schemes have been carried out under the executive decree authorizing the Ministry of Finance to seek a loan for remedy and economic stimulus purposes in the COVID-19 situation.



Source: The Government Public Relations Department


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