CDC fantasizing on election inspectors

An election commissioner criticized the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) of fantasizing about its innovation to form a group of between 500-600 election inspectors to replace the existing provincial election officials to perform their duty for just 50 days before the election day.

According to the CDC’s format, each province will have 5-6 election inspectors with two of them being local people and the rest outsiders who will draw lots to determine which provinces they will be assigned to work.

Mr Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, election commissioner for administrative affairs, said Tuesday he suspected the CDC’s idea was intended to prevent local politicians from exercising influence over the election inspectors, noting that, in the past elections, election officials were government officials and they might be influenced by local politicians.

The idea is good intended, but the thought process seems to be fantasizing, said Mr Somchai who questioned whether all the 500-600 election inspectors would be ready to perform their duties because they already have their permanent jobs and to order them to work in other provinces for two months may not work..

Suppose they are sent to work in provinces where they don’t want to go, what shall we do? Then there will be travelling expense, lodging and welfare expenses and other perks, said the election commissioner.

He further noted that outsiders would not be familiar with the areas in which they were sent to work and some might be afraid of venturing out for fear of their safety.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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