CDC steps in to look into problems with primary voting system

Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chairman Meechai Ruchupan said Monday that the committee is obliged to look into the problems associated with primary voting system as the Election Commission appears to be unaware of the problems raised by political parties.

He said he suspected the EC might have taken an instruction from somebody else whom he didn’t know to defend that the primary voting system was not problematic.

He went on saying that the EC appeared to be self-conflicting regarding the controversial system � that is the EC will not be responsible for primary voting on the ground that it does not concern the general election and it is the responsibility of each individual political party to hold the primary voting.

Meechai noted that the problem with primary voting system does not only concern the practicality of the system, but also the constitutionality of the system.

All political parties, especially the Pheu Thai party, have challenged the constitutionality of primary voting system and its practicality, claiming that they have no time and no money to hold the primary vote as required by the amended political party act which has passed the scrutiny of the National Legislative Assembly.

Meechai said that if the amended political party act would render political parties unable to field their candidates or render an election unable to be held, then the amended law could be constructed as unconstitutional.

However, he noted that the EC insisted that the primary voting system would not cause any problem and the election could be held by the EC, but he asked the EC about more details about the voting system, they could not give him the answers as if the EC had taken order from someone else.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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