Ceiling prices of low-cost air tickets to be adjusted in accordance with services

Air fare regulator, the civil aviation committee, has agreed to revamp the air fare ceiling of low-cost airlines by introducing two-tiered fare ceiling based on the kinds of service � low-cost service and full service.

Civil Aviation Authority director Chula Sukmanop said Thursday that currently air fare ceiling was pegged at 22 baht/km for distance not exceeding 300 km and 13 baht/km for distance beyond 300 km.

He said the civil aviation committee, however, thought that the ceiling should be adjusted in accordance with the services provided which should more realistically reflect the costs.

The committee will set the standards of services and work out the appropriate ceiling prices which are expected to come into force in the middle of this year, said Mr Chula, adding that the new air fare ceiling may not affect the promotional air fares offered by low-cost airlines due to strong competition among the airlines.

But he believes the last �minute deal air tickets of low-cost airlines will be much cheaper than those offered by full-service airlines.

Mr Chula, however, the air fare ceiling of the full-service operations would be increased from the current rate of 13 baht/km which has been in use since 2010 without any adjustments.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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