Chunghwa Telecom Announced the Success of its 5G Private Network Deployment Project for DELTA Thailand with Joint Efforts of National Telecom Thailand and The White Space

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom announces the successful deployment of the 5G Private Network for DELTA Electronics (Thailand) Bangpoo factory (Plant 1) this year, following the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for 5G private network collaboration by National Telecom (NT), The WhiteSpace (The WSP), and DELTA Electronics (Thailand) and Chunghwa Telecom in 2021.


Partnered with NT and The WSP, Chunghwa Telecom has successfully deployed a 5G private network for DELTA Electronics (Thailand) at Bangpoo factory (Plant 1), realizing AR remote collaboration and enhancing its hybrid working environment for assembly training, operation assistance, and visual equipment control as part of its continuous digital transformation in the post-pandemic era. The company will soon be testing the intelligent application of AGVs in its factories under 5G network supported circumstance. It is expected that DELTA Electronics (Thailand) will gradually introduce the 5G enterprise private network as the communication infrastructure for these intelligent applications to its other factories in the near future.


Source: NAM News Network

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