Chuwit quits politics

Notorious politician and former massage parlour king, Chuwit Kamolvisit, has thrown in the towel and sailed away from politics to pursue his new challenging career….a media journalist.

He has entered a new role in broadcast journalism.

He joins Thairath TV, a digital TV channel (Channel 32) owned by the mass-circulation Thai daily newspapers, as a news moderator of a new program called Tee Saek Na (Smash on Forehead).

He said last night on Thairath TV that he has quit politics forever but will take a new role as a media journalist who dares to expose everything that no journalist will dare to, particularly corruption in government circles.

He said he would use all his expertise and experience that he earned when he was a massage parlour king, a businessman, a politician, and a prisoner to make his TV program a real benefit to the people who want to know truth.

He said he chose to go to Thairath TV because he saw the channel could serve his determination to do a good program that will be of interest to the public and the country.

Earlier yesterday he went to Chao Por Sua Chinese shrine to worship gods and goddess, particularly Guan Yu, (Gao Yao) God of Justice and Judgment.

He swore in front of the Chinese justice god that he would devote himself to working for the interest of the country to make the society clean and clear of corruption.

From his experience in the prison, he said he would tell the people not to do bad things as what he had done and was ready to face all consequence.

He added his Smash on Forehead TV program will expose facts, truth in a straightforward way and will never be subdued to any influence.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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