Closing the case of the husband who attacked and burned to conceal “Nong Noon”

Closing the case of “Nong Noon” who mysteriously disappeared. Finally, she was found brutally murdered by her husband. Before disguising the body by burning it in Prachinburi Province, every step, every event was done in front of the little one. Today the police detained him to carry out the plan. He said that he wanted to apologize to Noon. and ready to pay for every karma

Progress on the murder case and cremation of the body of “Nong Noon” after Mr. Sirichai or Toy confessed to assaulting Nong Noon until she died on February 18th. before taking the car back to the house

Back on February 19, Mr. Sirichai or Toy, 33 years old, reported to the Pak Kret Police Station that Ms. Chollada or Noon, his wife, 27 years old, disappeared in the area of ??Liap Klong Prapa Road, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi on the night of February 18 at around 3 a.m. while Nong Noon’s mother still has doubts. My daughter’s disappearance was unusual.

After that, the police took Mr. Sirichai for questioning. And there is evidence from
the CCTV camera in front of the shop with glass installed. It was revealed that Mr. Toy was the one who physically assaulted Nong Noon. and images from CCTV cameras in the village where Mr. Toy’s car was located Returned home around 2:00 a.m. on February 18. Finally, Mr. Toy He confessed that he was the one who killed Nong Noon. because there was an argument in the car

After confessing, Mr. Toy asked forgiveness from Nong Noon’s mother. Claims that he never thought of killing Nong Noon at all. but caused by intoxication and the accumulated anger that Nong Noon often brings up old matters to quarrel with. and never saw his goodness Until the pressure Which, of course, the mother would not be able to forgive.

Throughout the past day, Pak Kret Police Station brought Mr. Sirichai. Go and make a plan to include all 4 confession points. The first point is the point where the physical assault occurred. In a house in Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, point 2 is the gas station where you go to buy gas. Along C
haengwattana Road, point 3, in front of the glass company. Along Chaengwattana Road which is the point at which Mr. Toy He proceeded to injure Nong Noon to the point of death. and parked on the side of the road on Chaengwattana Road which is consistent with CCTV images. In the picture, the moment the pair get out of the car can be seen. Mr. Toy attacked Nong Noon almost countless times. and the moment you try to get up Mr. Toy then picked up a worm brick and smashed it on her head again. before taking him into the car and driving home And there was also repeated physical abuse.

Until the next morning When Nong Noon was found dead So the body was stuffed into a bag and placed on the left back seat of the car and left the house. Drove to buy gas at a gas station on Chaengwattana Road. Before driving to the final point, which is the cremation spot for concealed corpses in a rubber plantation in Si Maha Phot District, Prachinburi Province, where the corpse was placed in a large bag. and 2 gallons of gasoline, se
t fire to it and wait until the fire goes out So he fled. Throughout the planning, Mr. Toy only briefly apologized.

In addition to the loss of the mother One of the things that is most heartbreaking is the constant physical abuse. until the corpse is destroyed There was a little daughter, only 1 year and 7 months old, who saw the whole incident. causing society to condemn this cold-blooded act both on Mr. Sirichai’s Facebook page and on various social media

Moreover, there is also important information from Mint. Nong Noon’s close friend and is a former restaurant partner with Mr. Toy I brought the chat of Noon who had asked for help. because Mr. Toy had physically assaulted him Have you ever taken your cell phone and smashed it? Including the behavior of physically assaulting his girlfriend many times. It only reinforces the heartbreak even more.

The charge that Mr. Toy received was of intent to kill another person. and conceal the corpse This evening, the Pak Kret Police Station took Mr. Toy into custody
at the Nonthaburi Provincial Court. While the autopsy on Nong Noon’s body Still can’t find the answer. When Mr. Toy set the fire Is Nong Noon still alive? In this step, it may take approximately 3 days for the results to be known.

This is another example of the problem of domestic violence that is becoming more common. Probably no one can answer that. How much mental trauma will this incident cause to the little one? But the question that needs to be answered as soon as possible is what to do to prevent this kind of violence from happening in society again and again.

Source: Thai News Agency

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