Cold season has arrived and remains longer than the past few years

Thailand is entering the cold season as of October 30 and the cold weather will last longer than it was in the past few years.

Meteorological Department director-general Wanchai Sak-udomchai told Thai PBS on Monday that the cold season has arrived faster this year and is expected to last longer with temperature starting to drop in November until next February.

People in the North and the Northeast can now experience cool weather, but Bangkok and the central region will still have rains although rainfalls will steadily drop and weather will turn cold in December.

Temperature in Bangkok is forecast to drop to 15-16 degree Celsius in December whereas mountains in the North and the Northeast will experience very cold weather.

Mr Wanchai attributed the cold front for the North Pole for prolonging the cold season this year which will be different from the previous few years when the cold season was short due to the effect of El Nino.

He, however, denied rumours that this year’s cold season would be the coldest in ten years.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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