Commencement meeting Push several development projects 5 SBPs.

Yala Province, March 17-“General Prawit” goes through the south of 3 provinces, Yala-Pattani-Narathiwat. Commencement meeting drive the project “Halal food production center of the Muslim world” Thank you to all sectors that helped solve the problem. Development of the SBPW area.


Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Strategic Committee for the Development of Southern Border Provinces (OCSC) visited the southern region. to perform official duties in the meeting of the Strategic Committee for the Development of Southern Border Provinces (ECF) and to visit Follow up on important projects according to the work plan in the 3 southernmost provinces (Border Provinces), with Gen. Prawit presiding over the opening ceremony of the standard cow farming learning center. According to the framework of the Halal Economic Corridor, SBPAC and giving Krathin varieties , Napier grass to farmers At Kampong Baru Village, Sateng Nok Sub-district, Muang District, with Gen. Prawit giving an opening speech that the OCSC wants to create jobs, the economy and income for the people in the area. to live well And is the center of Halal food production of the Muslim world.


Gen. Prawit meets with the people who gave them a warm and friendly welcome. Gen. Prawit gave prayer cloths and dates to representatives of agencies and organizations in the 5 SBPs, for which the representatives thanked them. On the occasion that General Prawit has helped and supported various projects, then Gen. Prawit Chaired a meeting of the Southern Border Provinces Development Strategy Committee (ECC) No. 2/2023, whereby the meeting approved the project to develop Phru Ba Koi Public Park into a recreation and entertainment complex (Yala City Tower Entertainment Complex), a project to elevate Yala Province to be a city. of SPORTS COMPLEX and National Highway Network Development Project (New route – Ban Tin Tunnel), a distance of 1.4 km.


Gen. Prawit praised the committee. Security agencies and related agencies People in the provinces who cooperate, help each other think and help each other until they can solve various problems of the people effectively. and has made good progress in the past The government will accelerate and push for the achievement of the wishes of the people as soon as possible. for all Thai people All religions in the SBPs have a well-being together. In a society that is peaceful and peaceful under multicultural sustainability forever.-Thai News Agency


Source: Thai News Agency