Confusion reigns on first day of new order for passenger vans

Confusion reigned on the first day of the introduction of a new order requiring all passenger vans to park at three bus terminals as many passengers took extra time to find the vans they wanted to travel while several others complained of having to pay more expenses to travel to the bus terminals.

Three bus terminals have been designated for passenger vans to park instead of the one at the Victory Monument. The Morchit or Chatuchak bus terminal is for vans serving the northeastern, northern and central routes; the southern bus terminal for vans serving the southern route and the Ekamai bus terminal for eastern route.

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority has provided free bus services at Victory Monument to take passengers to the three bus terminals.

Several passenger van drivers complained that the number of passengers had substantially dropped. One of them said he usually had ten passengers for his first round of service, but today he got only four passengers which was not worth the cost.

Land Transport deputy director-general Natthapong Cherdchu said that the parking lots reserved for passenger vans at the three bus terminals were not crowded. For instance, he noted that Chatuchak terminal has space to accommodate up to 3,000 passenger vans.

He said it would take about three months for the new order to be normalized.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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