Democratic Party adjusts strategy to use social media to campaign

"Democrat" launches candidates for MPs in 106 central regions, with 3 former ministers, sealing former MPs and new generations, while "Satit" reveals adjusting campaign strategies. social media penetration spread the policy to the people hoping to swe...

“Democrat” launches candidates for MPs in 106 central regions, with 3 former ministers, sealing former MPs and new generations, while “Satit” reveals adjusting campaign strategies. social media penetration spread the policy to the people hoping to sweep as many MPs as possible

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce as leader of the Democratic Party along with Mr. Satit Pitutechana, Deputy Minister of Public Health and deputy leader of the party in charge of the central region Participated in the launch of candidates for MPs in the central region, including 26 provinces, 106 districts, 106 people, in the morning (March 28) invited the Election Commission to provide details about political party laws. Electoral laws and regulations of the ECT provide candidates for MPs to create knowledge. It is an understanding and an important intention of the party that requires all candidates to strictly comply with the laws and regulations of the ECT. Rehearsing strategies and party policies for use in campaigning and communicating with the people, serving as “Democrat Speakers” in each area Including receiving documents certifying the applicant for submitting an application for election on April 3

for candidates interesting MPs There are both ministers, former ministers, former MPs, such as Mr. Satit, candidate for MP for Rayong Province, Region 2, Mr. Alongkorn Ponlaboot, former Deputy Minister of Commerce. Phetchaburi Provincial MP candidate, Region 1 Mr. Thira Salakphet, former Minister of Culture Acting MP candidate, Trat Province, Mr. Chanchai Issarasenarak Nakhon Nayok Province and Mr. Parapol Adireksarn, Saraburi Province

Mr. Jurin said that all 106 MP candidates in the aforementioned districts were personnel with potential. and the party has been carefully selected If the people give the opportunity, they are ready to do their duty. The next good MP The candidates include young people, business people, farmers leaders, academics, media and women leaders.

Mr. Satit said that all of these are the Democrat vanguard. to go to the area to invade the constituency To bring victory to the party in the central region in the upcoming election. I would like to leave it to the brothers and sisters in the central region in every province. Please help support democracy. Both people and parties in the upcoming elections. confirm readiness Especially candidates with good profiles, capable, ex-MPs, women leaders, and the main focus will be in urban areas. Including that there are candidates representing the LGBTQ community

As for how to adjust the strategy in the central region, Mr. Satit said that the campaign would not be able to use the same old methods, must adjust the strategy. using ground wars and air wars For ground wars, there must be a network in all areas. to present the work of the party And the applicant to reach the people as much as possible, the air war is the use of social media. to distribute and present information to reach the public This is the system that the party has put in place for both old and new candidates.

When asked whether the Democratic Party How many MPs are you aiming for in the central region? Mr. Satit said that the party originally had 8 MPs, so it aimed to get as many as possible. Which is still difficult to assess now. Because there are still some people who haven’t decided yet. Therefore, I am confident that diligence in the area combined with the use of technology will attract people who are still undecided. I would like to reiterate that the Central Region candidates are the candidates for the Central Region MPs. The Democratic Party is not a joke, you have to be serious, come in and have to work.

Mr. Satit mentioned that the stage of the party’s speech was not necessary. that the speech must have a large number of people because I can live and everything can be accounted for. But the principle of all applicants is to walk to the people. to see the face To show confidence that he will be a representative of the people This is the main policy. As for the speech, it may not be possible in every district. But choosing in large provinces does not have to enlist people to come. and using an online broadcasting system to reach as many people as possible in the constituency When asked how to fight against the big house group Especially in Chonburi Province, Mr. Satit said that there were 2 ballots in this election that he proposed to change one ballot into 2 as the chairman of the Extraordinary Committee for Considering the Organic Act on the Election of MPs. He emphasized that 2 cards increase the rights of the people. Instead of going to choose both parties and individuals, but today, if the people are dissatisfied with the party can choose a person But if satisfied with both parties, both people can choose both cards, so that the candidate will show confidence in their potential. and move forward according to the party system believe that there will be more support for the Democrat Party than before.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency