Demolition plan at Phu Tab Berk readjusted

Officials responsible for demolishing illegal resorts at Phu Tab Berk mountainous retreat in Petchabun province have temporarily suspended their operations as they are assessing their demolition work.

It was reported that the officials were readjusting their demolition plan for fear that there might be a confrontation with resort operators and their supporters if heavy machinery are deployed in the demolition work.

Meanwhile, Mr Boonlarp Sodsai, chief of the forest management office in Phitsanuloke, has lodged a complaint with security officials of a threat over the phone from a mysterious caller demanding a halt to the demolition work at Phu Tab Berk.

Mr Charnvit Fuangfookitjakarn, a legal advisor of Hmong businessmen’s association, pleaded for fairness from officials and other people not to view Hmong tribesmen with suspicion.

He said unless there are substantial evidences to support that the death threats made over the phone were real, Hmong people should not be blamed or suspected of being responsible for making the threats.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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