Deputy Labour Minister Adjusts Seminars to Video Conference Format Amid the Pandemic

The Deputy Labour Minister assigned the Department of Skill Development to adjust the plan for video conference seminars and continue work without fear of Covid-19. The DSD will continue to organize an event to find ways to support people with disabilities.

On April 19, 2021, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon Pinyosinwat reported the measures announced by the government for agencies’ cooperation for staff to work from home until April 30, 2021. Events with over 50 people are also prohibited. To support vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, the work should continue. The Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development is scheduled to host a workshop to listen to advice on the empowerment of people with disabilities. The event is held under the concept of “Enhancing Skills for Happiness and Occupation of People with Disabilities.” It invites companies to cooperate with Section 33 and Section 35 even more. Therefore, the plan of the workshop was adjusted and will be held via video conferences on April 30, 2021.

Prof. Narumon continued that the goal of this event is to invite companies to hire people with disabilities to work under Section 33 and perform more actions under Section 35. Following Section 35, there are many activities that companies can do, such as providing a place to sell products or services, subcontracting work or hiring special services, providing training, equipment or facilities, hiring as sign language agents, or other assistance to persons with disabilities or their caretakers, to reduce payments under Section 34. At present, there are approximately 10,000 companies in which the Ministry of Labour has information about or operating under Section 34. Therefore, the DSD invites companies in this group to operate following Section 33 or Section 35. In addition, it has collaborated with associations related to people with disabilities to drive progress in this area.

This seminar will be hosted via video conference. Therefore, companies interested in participating in listening to the information can notify their attendance at the Labour and Entrepreneurship Development Division by calling 022453705 and follow the live broadcast through Facebook Live on the Department of Skill Development’s page.

“There are currently many companies in operation, but we intend to spread this cooperation even further following the approach to “increase employment, manage and reduce payments,” leading to the sustainable development of skills and quality of life of people with disabilities. Helping one person with disabilities or their caretaker is considered helping 3-4 people in that family. It will be the foundation of the country’s economic development,” concluded the Deputy Labour Minister.


Source: Ministry of Labour


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