Deputy Labour Minister Reports Progress on Solutions to State Welfare

Deputy Labour Minister Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumo? Pinyosinwat joined the subcommittee’s meeting to coordinate and expedite solutions to the problems for the people for a fair society and propel the 9-dimension policy. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Captain Thamanat Phomphao chaired the meeting, which took place at the Chaiyong Chuchat Conference Room, Agricultural Land Reform Office.

The meeting reported on results of operations on several issues such as solutions to housing and credit issues, troubleshooting problems regarding a person’s status and rights, solving problems regarding the status and rights of people for issues related to the Ministry of Transport and housing problems for communities in leased land by the State Railway of Thailand. The meeting considered allowing people to lease the land of the State Railway of Thailand nationwide and solutions to lawsuits, law, and the justice process, and solving land problems under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Various subcommittees joined the discussion to expedite solutions to be as accurate and effective as possible.

The Ministry of Labour’s part that operates under the Deputy Minister of Labour’s supervision and drive is in solving state welfare problems. It reported progress in the meeting to acknowledge that the working group to accelerate, monitor and drive the implementation of solutions to state welfare issues, met to discuss ways to drive action to resolve welfare problems of the state, provided to the people to tackle poverty and social inequality, and which issues cause people to receive welfare duplication or the inability to receive welfare thoroughly. Such issues are a consequence of the lack of a unified information system. The working group has resolved in principle to have a national ad hoc committee as a central agency to suggest recommendations for government agencies to link welfare databases and improve laws, regulations, rules, or guidelines to be as appropriate and fair to the people as possible. The Prime Minister, or a minister assigned by the Prime Minister, will serve as the board’s chairman.

“The working group will accelerate the monitoring of performance and drive so that any problems can be resolved promptly to alleviate the suffering of people in all dimensions following government policy. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, we will not leave anyone behind,” concluded the Deputy Labour Minister.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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