Deputy Labour Minister Visits Chiang Mai to Promote Workforce to Support Tourism

The Deputy Labour Minister followed up on the results from efforts to promote tourism in Chiang Mai following the “Create-Elevate-Give; Uniting Thailand to Build a Nation” policy. She also observed the training provided by the Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development 19 and emphasized that training be intense, relevant, and cover all target groups.
On December 12, 2020, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon Pinyosinwat visited Chiang Mai to follow up on the results from driving labour operations and listened to the departments’ performance under the Ministry of Labour. She also observed the training workshops of the Chiang Mai Institute of Skill Development 19, which provides training for local workers, and visited a garment group in Nam Phrae, Hang Dong, Hang Dong. The group serves as a learning center for students and tourists to visit and study, promoting income to group members from selling clothes. The working group came from different villages in Nam Phrae, promoting knowledge that comes from real action. This has made it possible to convey knowledge. As a result, the group is equipped with the knowledge, abilities, and skills in their occupation as they have been trained in beautiful sewing designs to meet customers’ needs and attract attention from tourists.
She visited and observed training at the Chiang Mai Institute of Skill Development 19, including fresh coffee brewing, single-dish cooking, and local tailoring. Participants were workers affected by COVID-19. They also visited model vegetable plantations for hydroponics vegetables, using deepwater systems and plant control systems with Internet of Things (IoT) technology under the concept of “leftover space for self-reliant agriculture in urban society.” She also paid a visit to observe the National Skill Standard Assessment for small commercial air conditioning technicians at the level 1 capacity. Assessment takers included on-site workers and individuals. In 2021, the Chiang Mai Institute of Skill Development 19 aims to develop 29,310 people in the area, consisting of 2,210 self-employed workers, and encouraging establishments to complete training for 27,100 people. Heads of Chiang Mai government agencies also joined the visit.
The Deputy Labour Minister further said, “Chiang Mai province is considered an important economic center in Northern Thailand for tourism and agriculture. As such, labour development must cover all groups, including formal and informal workers, to create a quality workforce, raising the standard of workmanship and to give opportunities for vulnerable groups to access government services following the “Create-Elevate-Give; Uniting Thailand to Build a Nation” concept, as a guideline for driving the next missions. Skill development must be able to meet the needs of the local workforce and market needs. As a result, the workforce generates income, which is an important mechanism to drive the national economy. I ask that the Chiang Mai Skill Development Institute 19 select or develop a curriculum to keep up with the rapid changes and integrate the work among the five labour leaders and other network partners to continue developing a quality workforce.”


Source: Ministry of Labour


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