Deputy Labour Minister Visits Phrae to Promote Innovation to Elevate Community Enterprises

The Deputy Labour Minister led a team to visit Phrae to continue to drive Thailand together, promoting innovation to raise community enterprises’ level to drive the foundation economy.

On April 8, 2021, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon PinyosinwatAdvisor to the Deputy Labour Minister M.L. Puntarik Smiti, and the committee visited Phrae to follow up on the movement to drive Thailand together in Phrae Province. They visited the northern nanotechnology textile technology transfer prototype factory project at Phrae Technical College, Muang, Phrae, observed e-commerce training courses for community entrepreneurs, and the decoration of teak furniture at the Phrae Skill Development Office. The visiting team was led by the Department of Skill Development’s Director-General Mr. Tawat Benchatikul.

In the morning, Prof. Narumon and the committee visited the area to inspect the northern nanotechnology textile technology transfer prototype factory project at Phrae Technical College, Muang, Phrae, an extension of tie-dye products from the Mo Hom Thungcharoen Community Enterprise Group in natural dye. The initiative promotes modernization of products following popular trends, such as pattern design, characteristics, and processing into various products such as bags, ready-made clothes designed to teenagers’ preferences. It uses nano cloth to produce tie-dye clothes with modern technology to increase the variety of products so that buyers can choose their purchases following their preferences. The introduction of modern technology helps produce higher volumes, leading to the creation of income and career for the community’s people.

In the afternoon, the visiting committee joined a meeting to drive Thailand together. They listened to the project’s implementation to develop and strengthen the foundation economy in Phrae Province and the implementation of the project to drive Thailand together. At the same time, they jointly considered solutions to arable land problems in the forest area in Phrae, including water management and preparatory measures to alleviate droughts in the provincial area. The efforts will be coordinated with all relevant departments to cooperate in solving problems and developing Phrae Province.

After that, the committee observed the e-commerce training courses for community entrepreneurs under the enterprise development project for professionalism and teak furniture decoration under the project to add value to teak furniture and products with innovation and technology. They also observed male haircut training, a preparation course for the profession, the National Labour Skill Standard Assessment at the Level 1 capacity for small commercial air conditioning technicians. They encouraged people public services officers following the Road Accident and Loss Campaign Project at the Phrae Skill Development Office. In this regard, representatives from Line Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd., joined the visit as well, to support the training of the Line Official Account, which will help to increase channels of awareness, product distribution, income and expand the market of business operators in the province to. A summary of training needs will be conducted again.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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