Deputy Labour Minister Visits Ratchaburi to Promote Digital Technology

The Deputy Labour Minister continued to drive skill development and intense training to support the digital technology 4.0 and languages required. She emphasized following the “create, elevate and give, uniting Thailand to build a nation,” accessible to all groups of people in response to the government policy, leaving no one behind.

On March 17, 2021, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon PinyosinwatAdvisor to the Deputy Labour Minister M.L. Puntrik Smiti, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Ms. Aumpun Thuvavit, and the committee visited Ratchaburi to observe training following the High-Tech Excellence Training Center project for electro-pneumatic control in industrial applications and the design, installation, and application of solar cells. The delegation visited agencies’ services and activities under the Ministry of Labour and watched a career demonstration for the Thailand 4.0 era. The training consisted of internet services and solar system installation, training to promote self-employment, artificial wood stucco products for ornamental purposes, elderly labour training, and Thai cooking. They observed products from community enterprises by the group of housewives of Hua Sa Phatthana, making lemons pickled in honey and processed goat milk products from the Progressive Goat Community Enterprise Group in Ratchaburi. It is a community enterprise that participated in the labour productivity project with the Department of Skill Development. After that, they met and talked with volunteers in Ratchaburi province and a group of over 100 workers who welcomed them at the Institute of Skill Development 4, Ratchaburi.

The Deputy Labour Minister said that in this visit to Ratchaburi Province, she observed government services provision, especially in labour skills development. There are agencies of the Department of Skill Development (DSD) located in every province throughout the country. It is the main agency for the development of the country’s workforce. The Deputy Labour Minister was assigned by the government under the leadership of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha and the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan to drive the DSD’s operations following the concept of “create, elevate and give, uniting Thailand to build a nation.” It aims to build highly skilled Thai workers, create a quality workforce, raise the level to meet international standards, and receive suitable wage rates while providing opportunities for vulnerable workers to access government services. Therefore, it emphasizes the development of skills in all directions to improve job opportunities and have a career and income to take care of their families. The curriculum must be relevant to the target industry and the new normal, especially in digital technology and languages essential to every industry sector. The training must be interpolated to create creative ideas and their application, too, adapting to online learning and learning about online systems such as selling products online and media production for product presentation.

   The Deputy Labour Minister said that the courses vary to give the workforce flexibility and adjust according to the situation at each moment. Publicizing these missions requires word of mouth from people close to the workforce in the community. The Ministry of Labour has volunteer workers waiting to act as a representative of the government to inform the people of the community services and bring the community’s needs to inform the government agencies to help. Therefore, it can truly meet the needs of the people. The Deputy Labour Minister asked for help in spreading the word to the youths interested in caring for the elderly. Today, the Kluai Nam Thai Foundation joined the occasion to publicize the recruitment of interested people to attend the training, which provides scholarships throughout the training.

“I would like to encourage all labour volunteers who have devoted their time to carry out their duties to the best of their ability. I ask that you share the government’s various news announcements with the people in the community. The government will provide assistance and various welfare to the public in a complete range, from when they are born to the day when they cannot work. I wish that you all have the confidence that we will not leave anyone behind,” concluded the Deputy Labour Minister.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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