Deputy Labour Minister Visits Vulnerable Working Groups in Suphanburi to Promote Careers and Income

The Deputy Labour Minister visited Suphanburi to drive skill development initiatives among vulnerable groups and observed skill development to promoting employment among Thai people.

On February 24, 2021, Deputy Labour Minister Prof. Narumon Pinyosinwat, Advisor to the Deputy Labour Minister M.L. Puntrik Smiti, and delegation visited Suphanburi to conclude the training and award certificates to people who completed the training among target worker groups (people with disabilities/caregivers to people with disabilities). They also observed the Suphanburi Skill Development Institute’s innovations at the Nong Ya Sai Sufficiency EconomiY Learning Center for People with Disabilities, Nong Ya Sai, Suphanburi, and followed up on the workforce productivity building project for 2021 by women home workers and volunteers processing water chestnuts products. The visit took place at the water chestnuts processing group in Wang Yang, Sripachan, Suphanburi.
Prof. Narumol said that the skill development policy aims to raise the Ministry of Labor’s level to become a Ministry of Economy under the concept of three things. The concepts include “create, elevate and give; uniting Thailand to build a nation,” whereby the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development (DSD) has continuously implemented missions to encourage workers of all groups to have skills and occupations so that in the long term, workers and their families can survive amid crisis, with a sustainable career and income. The efforts aim to promote a quality workforce and ensure that all groups, especially vulnerable groups, have access to government services to be a cog in driving the overall national economy sustainably.

The Deputy Labour Minister said that today, she traveled to visit women homeworkers and volunteers in water chestnuts product processing to have the opportunity to visit and observe methods and processes from collection to processing of water chestnuts. The visit was a follow-up to the project to increase labour productivity for the 2020 fiscal year. The delegation also traveled to Nong Ya Sai Sufficiency Economy Learning Center for people with disabilities and observed work by the Suphanburi Skill Development Institute 2 consisting of a working group practicing the installation of solar cells, which received the Government Service Award for 2020, the development of good services, and the solar oxygen concentrator practice kit. They also observed training programs for specific target groups to add agricultural product value and make containers with natural materials by thermal extrusion. The delegation watched a career demonstration of people with disabilities and caregivers for the elderly, consisting of Zahori cloth weaving, goat’s milk soap making, coconut leaf broom making, and dessert making. They visited booths selling products created by people with disabilities, caregivers for people with disabilities and the elderly, and processed products from water chestnuts under the project to increase labour productivity of the volunteer housewife group. They also awarded certificates to the target group of workers (people with disabilities/caregivers to people with disabilities) in the course to add agricultural product value and making containers with natural materials by thermal extrusion, with a total of 40 people.

“I would like to encourage all worker groups to develop themselves to have the skills, career, and a sustainable income to provide a living for themselves and their family. We would like everyone to believe that the DSD will continue to carry out the mission following the policies and bring the greatest benefit to all worker groups to overcome this crisis together,” concluded Prof. Narumon.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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