Deputy Prime Minister General Chatchai Sarikalaya visited the EU announcing the success of the EU “Dismissing the Yellow Card” Thai Fisheries

The EU announced the “yellow card release” Thai fishery guarantees almost four years of efforts to raise the level of Thai fishing, free of IUU. General Chatchai Sarikalayan continued to organize Thai fisheries. Recovering resources Coupled with the development of fishermen’s quality of life Resulting Thai fishing industry prominently on the world stage

Today (8 Jan 62) at 11.00 am local time in Brussels Belgium Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Chatchai Sarikalaya revealed later, Mr. Ker Wella (Mr.Karmenu Vella), European Commissioner for Environment. Marine and Fisheries (European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs, and Fisheries) announced the announcement of the results of the IUU report on the release of fishing boats in Thailand. Which is the only country that has been considered this time

At the European Union Commission headquarters Brussels Belgium is considered to be a delight and success that all sectors have collaborated to try to solve the problem of IUU fishing. Due to almost four years since the Thai yellow card was issued in April 2015, Thailand has been committed to solving illegal fishing problems, lack of reports and uncontrollable or IUU until concrete results are covered in both frameworks. the laws Fishery management Fleet Management, Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Traceability And law enforcement Which allowed Thailand to show responsibility and role as a flag state, coastal state, state-owned port, and state market At the level of international standards Resulting in the European Union removing the yellow card for Thailand Which reflects the success that Thailand has raised the level of commercial fishing Both inside and outside the waters entering international standards

Source: Royal Thai Government

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