Disclosure of Information for Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged government agencies to promote the disclosure of useful information for the general public for transparency and anti-corruption.


Speaking on the occasion of International Open Data Day on 6 March 2021, the Prime Minister pointed out that, apart from helping businesses in the private sector, the disclosure of information in the public sector is also important to ensure transparency and good governance.


Moreover, he said, it would encourage the public sector to consistently enhance the efficiency of the information disclosure process. Today, Thailand’s Open Government Data, under the name “data.go.th” has been developed to provide the people with easy access to government data.


The Prime Minister stated that information disclosure would upgrade operations in the public sector and encourage the participation of the people’s sector, which would benefit the people and the country as a whole.


The Government’s policy of fighting corruption also involves the promotion of good governance and the amendments of laws to prevent and suppress corruption and conflict of interest.


Government officials have been urged to be aware of the importance of the disclosure of official information, while information and communication technology has also been adopted to improve the dissemination of government data.



Source: The Government Public Relations Department

Post Author: web Desk