Duterte warns of a bloody fight if there is a plot to oust him

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned those behind a supposed plot to oust him to prepare for a bloody fight, The Manila Times Online reported on Friday.

In his first four interviews Thursday after a Manila Times report on Tuesday that former US ambassador Philip Goldberg has left behind a blueprint to oust him from the office, Duterte accused the envoy and Vice President Maria Leonor Leni Robredo of being involved in efforts to remove him from Malacanang.

He claimed some US diplomats were really working for the CIA and that Goldberg had a history of undermining foreign governments, having been expelled by Bolivia in 2008 for fomenting civil unrest against the government of Evo Morales.

I have some inkling how this guy (Goldberg) works. Most of the American ambassadors are professionals who do spying; they are connected with the CIA while others have the forte, really, to undermine governments, said the president.

As for Robredo, he said she was ousted from the cabinet because she was part of the group of people protesting the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in November which was also working for his ouster.

She is there. She is part of the crowd. She may not be asking for it herself, but she is part of the crowd that wants me out, said Duterte.

He reiterated that he was not clinging to the presidency, but he was determined to finish his six-year term.

He also said he was not worried over the 6,000 deaths, including some children, in his war on drugs.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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