E-traffic tickets start today

Traffic police have begun to issue e-traffic tickets to traffic violators today (Dec 17), and fines can be paid online two days after receiving the tickets.

Pol Maj-Gen Akarak Limsangkas, commander of the Special Branch Police Division 3 in charge of the Police Ticket Management (PTM) scheme, said that the scheme will be in force today after all E-traffic tickets have been sent to all police stations in 77 provinces across the country.

He said beginning December 17, all traffic violators will be issued with the new traffic tickets which come with QR codes.

Traffic police will mark on the offence which the driver/rider commits in lieu of the previous hand writing practice. Each offence will have details in both Thai and English language, he said.

After receiving the e-traffic ticket, violator can pay fine two days after the offence is committed, he said.

Payment can be made at Krung Thai bank or via all its ATMs, or on its mobile application KTB net bank or at places where there is the PTM sign.

He said payment is possible two days after the violation because it needs the time for the police to load information in the issued e-traffic tickets to the PTM system first.

He asked traffic violators not to be worried because the e-ticket is valid for 7 days.

However if violators want to pay spot fine, they still can pay at all police stations without having to wait for two days.

In the case of online payment, the bank will charge 20 baht as fee for a ticket, he said.

But in case that the driver/rider have their driving licences confiscated, online payment won’t be allowed.

In future the police will link the system with the Department of Land Transport, and violators who fail to pay their fines will not be able to pay their annual car registration tax, and also have their traffic scores cut.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Post Author: thailandmirror.com