EC is ready to leave job

The Election Commission is ready to leave the job if the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) votes on June 9 to approve a new law that will see all the existing five commissioners to step down to pave the way for the selection and appoint of the new 5-member commission.

The new law was proposed by the National Reform Steering Assembly. It proposed to reset the entire EC members.

EC president Supachai Somcharoen said he was ready to comply with the law if the NLA passes the third hearing of the new legislation on June 9.

But he said the EC could veto the law passed by the NLA in 10 days if the bill is against the intent of the 2017 Constitution.

Upon the veto, the NLA must appoint 11-member extraordinary committee to reconsider the bill.

The extraordinary committee comprises five NLA members, five Constitution Drafting Commission members, and one member from independent organisation.

The extraordinary committee will reconsider the bill within 15 days, and return the legislation to the NLA for approval again.

If the bill is rejected, then the bill will be back to square one, he said.

Boonsong Noisophon, another EC member said if the bill is rejected by the NLA, and all process is back to square one, then the scheduled election will be put off.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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