EGAT and ONIE open “Electric City”, hoping for young adults to learn more about energy

          EGAT in collaboration with ONIE opened the exhibition “Electric City” showcasing electrical energy innovation technology by using up-to-date media, hoping it will become a source of information about energy for young adults and interested citizens.

20170915E 01

          On September 5, 2017, Mr. Boonyanit Wongrukmit, EGAT’s Deputy Governor of Corporate Social Affairs and Mr. Kritchai Aroonrat, Secretary-General of the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education (ONIE) chaired the opening ceremony of the electrical energy exhibition “Electric City”. Mrs. Tatiya Jaiboon, Director of the Science Center for Education, along with EGAT and ONIE’s executives and ONIE’s students gathered to celebrate the occasion on the 3rd floor of the Science Museum, Science Center for Education and Bangkok Planetarium.

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          Mr. Boonyanit said that EGAT saw the importance of educating young adults and interested citizens about electrical energy. This led to the collaboration with ONIE to set up an electrical energy exhibition to create a correct source of information about electrical energy. The exhibition shows how electricity is generated, how to use electricity correctly, how to conserve electricity, and helps develop an overall efficient experience.

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          Mr. Kritchai said that the permanent exhibition about electrical energy is a learning experience. Visitors can learn by experimenting and practicing while also having fun. The information is displayed using new multimedia that is exciting and memorable. The students and general public will gain knowledge about electrical energy in all aspects.

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          The exhibition is divided into 6 sections: 1. Electricity Development 2. Principles of Electricity Generation 3. Electricity Generation Technology 4. How Electricity Is Delivered To Us 5. Dealing With Electrical Energy Crisis 6. Conserving Electrical Energy, and includes electricity generation from various sources. EGAT also put together a publication called “EGAT Amazing Electric City” which compiles information about the electrical energy found in the exhibition to help young adults and citizens learn about energy and to better understand EGAT’s mission. The book can be downloaded via the link.