EGAT gets prepared for JDA-A18 gas supply cut on August 20-31, 2016

          EGAT ensures that the gas supply cut from JDA-A18 on August 20-31, 2016 will not have an impact on consumers as EGAT is equipped with all measures on generation, transmission, and fuel supply while energy saving campaigns are encouraged during the gas supply cut to help strengthen the power system security.

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          Mr. Suthon boonprasong, Deputy Governor-Transmission System, said that regarding the gas supply cut from JDA-A18 on August 20-31, 2016 for annual maintenance informed by PTT Public Company Limited, Chana Power Plant Block 2 needed to stop operation, while Chana Power Plant Block 1 needed to switched from using natural gas to diesel oil. EGAT prepared all the measures especially on generation, transmission system, and fuel supply to handle the situation. At the same time the cooperation of energy saving from industries and general public would enhance the power system security.

          The Deputy Governor further said that “EGAT has already tested the generation system of Chana Power Plant Block 1 to use diesel oil instead of natural gas. We also inspected the readiness of all power plants in the southern region and there will be no maintenance during the gas supply cut period. Moreover, we have contacted Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia to purchase electricity in case of emergency. For transmission system, we inspect transmission lines together with their essential tools in the southern provinces and there will be no maintenance during the mentioned period. For fuel supply, we reserve oil to its full capacity storage. Most importantly, we coordinate with related sectors to monitor the situation and have emergency plan to solve the unexpected problem. The peak demand in the southern region during the gas supply cut is expected to be 2,570 MW. The power plants located in the southern region will cover 2,448 MW of power demand, and the rest will come from the central region through Central-Southern Grid.”

          The annual maintenance of JDA-A18 together with the 5% annual growth of power demand requires additional power capacity to strengthen the system security in the southern region.

          “EGAT is sure that with our preparation JDA-A18 gas supply cut will not affect power consumption in the southern provinces. Anyway, we would like to call on the people to help save energy during the high demand period (6.00 pm-9.30 pm) for the security of the whole power system,” said the Deputy Governor.

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