EGAT gets prepared for JDA-A18 natural gas supply cut during Oct. 28-Nov.3

          EGAT held a meeting with related government and private organizations on the disruption of Malaysian-Thai Joint Development Area (JDA-A18) supplying the natural gas to Chana Power Plant from October 28 to November 3, 2017. EGAT ensures that the power users will not get the impacts as EGAT prepares measures on generation and transmission systems as well as fuel supply to handle the situation. Meanwhile, the cooperation from southern locals to save power is called for during the gas supply cut to strengthen the system security.

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          Mr. Adul Pitakchartiwongse, EGAT Deputy Governor – Transmission System chaired the conference on preparation for natural gas supply cut from JDA-A18 during October 28 – November 3, 2017, totaling 7 days. Representatives from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), PTT Public Company Limited, government and private organizations, and related sectors attended the conference at Room 201, Building T.100, EGAT Headquarters on October 6, 2017.

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          The Deputy Governor said that PTT Public Company Limited informed the shutdown of JDA-A18 during October 28 – November 3, 2017, totaling 7 days due to an annual maintenance. As a result, Chana Power Plant Block 2 will not be able to operate, while Chana Power Plant Block 1 will switch to use diesel oil, and the standby Krabi Power Plant that uses fuel oil will operate to support the system security. Meanwhile, EGAT and related sectors have measures to handle the situation.

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          EGAT measures are comprised of generation, transmission, and fuel management aspects. For the generation system, Chana Power Plant Block 1 will switch to use diesel oil. Every 3 months, EGAT has checked the power plant’s readiness to run with diesel oil, and the latest operation test was on September 24, 2017. Both of Gas Turbine No. 11 and 12 can operate normally. All power plants in the southern provinces are also checked for operational readiness. There will be no maintenance of the southern-region power plants during the gas supply cut, while some power will be purchased from Malaysia in case of emergency through HVDC and HVAC systems. For the transmission system, transmission system equipment and interconnection from the central region to the southern region were checked, without any maintenance during the particular period. For the fuel supply management, sufficient amount of oil is reserved. Krabi Power Plant reserves 20.8 million liters of fuel oil, Chana Power Plant reserves 20.1 million liters of diesel oil, and Surat Thani Power Plant reserves 4.2 million liters of diesel oil. More importantly, the team to monitor the situation was set. The highest power demand in the region during the gas supply disruption is expected at 2,450 MW, while the power capacity in the region is 2,234 MW, which will be supported by power supply from the central region.