EGAT Governor’s 7 policies to develop the country

          EGAT Governor officially announced 7 policies that will strengthen the organization to be a major player in the national development. The policies focus on achievement of main business, new business expansion, and community and environmental care. The Governor also would like EGAT officials to work for the benefit of the country.

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          On May 15, 2018, Mr. Viboon Rerksirathai, EGAT Governor officially announced his policies to EGAT officials for the first time at EGAT Headquarters. Mr. Seubphong Buranasirin, Deputy Governor – Corporate Social Affairs, was the representative of other executives and staff giving the 14th EGAT Governor a bouquet to congratulate and encourage him.

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          The 7 policies of the 14th EGAT Governor are as follows:

          1. Mobilize the approved projects as planned:

          The power development projects included in Power Development Plan 2015 such as South Bangkok Power Plant Replacement Project – Phase 1, Bang Pakong Power Plant Replacement Project – Units 1-2, Mae Moh Power Plant Replacement Project – Units 4-7, Krabi Power Plant, and Thepa Power Plant need to be further implemented. Moreover, for transmission system development projects under PDP 2015, EGAT will improve the 500 kV transmission system in the central and southern regions which has been partly developed to enhance Thailand to be the center of ASEAN Power Grid and support renewable power added in the system.

          For fuel management, EGAT will import 1.5 million tons of LNG by 2018 and implement the construction project of Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) to support the import of LNG of 5 million tons per year by 2024. At the same time, EGAT will further implement the new renewable power projects such as floating solar panel projects in EGAT dams, pump storage hydropower plants, and community biomass power plants which can solve power shortage in the areas that transmission lines cannot reach. The new revision of PDP which will be released around July-August 2018 will tell which kind of power plants will be added to the system.

          2. Support the public participation

          EGAT operation information shall be disclosed for transparency. It is the right of local people to be acknowledged of the whole information of the transmission and power plant development projects. All groups of stakeholders should be provided with information for full understanding before the project implementation can start. This will help solve problems of the protest and disagreement on new power plant construction as occurring at present.

          3. Cooperate with partners and network

          The partners and alliances play important role in sustainable development. For some work, EGAT needs the help from existing partners, while for other works, EGAT needs to cooperate with new partners. The cooperation and network can bring about the mutual benefit.

          4. Promote innovations

          Invention creating and new ideas are promoted. Many EGAT inventions that received some awards should be further applied for an utmost benefit, while the successful innovations can be used and adopted both inside and outside EGAT.

          5. Expand new business line

          The research work can be developed to create new products as a way to expand EGAT business. The new market penetration can also be done through EGAT affiliates. The new business expansion might take some time, but when it succeeds, it will gain income to EGAT.

          6. Restructure the organization and develop human resources

          In the next 4-5 years, around 6,000 EGAT employees will retire. When the number of employees is reduced, the organization needs to be restructured. The present process of organizational restructuring is under EGAT Board of Directors’ consideration. When the new organizational structure is approved, the employees will be informed on what will change and which direction the organization will move forward. It is confirmed that no one will be laid off. In the future, there can be recruitment for special and necessary positions. Moreover, the lean management has been implemented for the better efficiency.

          7. Become a pride of the nation

          EGAT must work for the happiness of all Thais and be a main player in the national development. Every EGAT employee represents EGAT and helps enhance the trust among the public.

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          Besides, the EGAT Governor mentioned about the 4 working principles which are 1) abiding by the laws, government policies, and good corporate governance 2) focusing on the national benefits and people without impacts on environment 3) developing human resources to be moral, creative, and competent 4) supporting the natural resource use for the utmost benefit and using innovation to improve operational efficiency.