EGAT guy writes the program to prevent “ransomware” attack

          Those who are interested in IT might have heard about ransomware, a computer virus that locks files of computer owners. To unlock the files, the owners need to pay the ransom to hackers. That is why this virus is called ransomware. Recently, the hackers have been paid the ransom by the 300,000 computer’s owners across 150 countries.

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          This ransomware has made people more panic as there was a news report in UK that Walt Disney’s new movie file to be shown in the cinema soon was also attacked by ransomware. The company was threatened that if they did not pay the ransom, their movie would be released to the internet system.

          This is the global internet threat that makes computer users panic. Microsoft Company said that to prevent this virus, the owner can just update firmware that had been launched since the beginning of the year.

          For Thailand, although there are no official reports of the ransomware, it is necessary to prevent the attack. Many programmers are trying to create the program to prevent the ransomware attack, and one of them is EGAT personnel, Mr. Kasidech Tapang, Computer Officer Level 4, Corporate Communications Division.

          Mr. Kasidech said that Ransomware Wanna Crypt has widely attacked many computers to lock document and picture files, and the computer owners are not able to unlock the files until they pay the ransom. This virus has spread using the flaw called Eternalblue to affect operation system of most Window versions ranging from Window XP to Windows 8.1 if that computer does not update the latest security system. Mr. Kasidech thought that if he could stop the spread of the virus or create an instrument to close the virus spreading channel, he would help others not to be the victims.

          Mr. Kasidech further said that the program he wrote called WannaCrypt Defender can close the channel Ransomware Wanna Crypt uses to spread itself. The program can support operation system of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, WindowsServer 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 10.

          The computer users can easily download and install the program to prevent the attack of Ransomware Wanna Crypt through EternalBlue.