EGAT holds the seminar on “Liberalization of the Thai gas pipeline market”

          EGAT organized a seminar on “Liberalization of the Thai gas pipeline market” which was honored by the guest speakers namely Mr. Pornchai Patiparnprechavut and Dr. Siri Jirapongphan. Deputy Governor – Fuel of EGAT revealed feasibility study plan and asked for cooperation from other EGAT’s divisions to get prepared for Thailand’s liberalization of natural gas transmission system.

20161116E 03

          Mr. Thaworn Ngamganokwan, Deputy Governor – Fuel of EGAT chaired the seminar on “Liberalization of the Thai gas pipeline market” which was honored by the two guest speakers : Mr. Pornchai Patiparnprechavut, Deputy Secretary General of the Energy Regulatory Commission and Dr. Siri Jirapongphan, Executive Director of the Petroleum Institute of Thailand. The seminar that was hosted by Fuel Management Division and Human Resource Development Division was also attended by many executives including Mr. Rum Herabat, Chief Executive Officer of Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited, Mr. Boontawee Kangwankit, Assistant Governor – Fuel Management, Mr. Bunpoht Teeravas, Assistant Governor – Mae Moh Mine as well as other stakeholders. Mrs. Ranee Kositvanich, Director of Fuel Management Division delivered introductory remarks for this seminar.

          The Deputy Governor – Fuel said that EGAT has followed Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint : TIEB that consists of five master plans including Power Development Plan, Energy Efficiency Plan, Alternative Energy Development Plan, Gas Plan, and Oil Plan. With regard to Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) Project which is one of the natural gas management plans and a policy of Ministry of Energy which aims for new potential operators, EGAT was assigned to complete feasibility study on FSRU within 3.5 months with its capacity of 3.5 million tons per year increased to 5 million tons per year. It is expected that the result of the study will be available soon. The project site will be at the upper part of the Gulf of Thailand, while the pipeline will be 20 kilometers long from the sea to the coast, and the onshore pipeline will be 40 kilometers long from the coast to South Bangkok Power Plant. The project needs to be completed by 2024.

20161116E 04

          Mr. Pornchai Patiparnprechavut’s topic was Third Party Regime : TPA Regime. He said that Thailand’s liberalization of natural gas transmission system is a new issue for the whole country, which allows the third party to be involved in the natural gas trade. EGAT is considered the only operator who is ready to be this third party. Under the new regime, gas transmission licensees who own the transmission pipeline system must allow other energy business licensees or operators to make use of or connect to their gas transmission pipelines, to enhance competition and cut energy price which will contribute to the Ft reduction. TPA Regime which consists of an LNG importer, a transmission pipeline owner, and a user is not finalized as its improvement is in process.

20161116E 05

          Dr. Siri Jirapongphan mentioned about guidelines to support the competition of Thailand’s natural gas trade and EGAT’s opportunity. The free competition will directly benefit consumers under the same energy framework. Various energy operators are invited to join the competition. This will enhance the country towards Thailand 4.0 which is the hub for energy business and employment. Thailand needs to get ready to become the region’s power wholesaler such as selling electrical power from Lao PDR to Singapore.

20161116E 06

          Mrs. Ranee Kositvanich said that this seminar aims to disseminate knowledge which is the hot issue among EGAT people and in energy field especially as the Ministry of Energy’s policy supports the free competition.